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1969—First celebrity sang National Anthem, Anita Bryant PowerPoint Presentation
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1969—First celebrity sang National Anthem, Anita Bryant

1969—First celebrity sang National Anthem, Anita Bryant

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1969—First celebrity sang National Anthem, Anita Bryant

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  1. Super Bowl History! 1969—First celebrity sang National Anthem, Anita Bryant 1970—First celebrity sane in half-time show, Carol Channing 1978—First post-game show tailored to SB, “All in the Family” 1979—Famous Joe Greene Coca Cola ad 1984—First MacIntosh Apple ad 1985--$500,000 ads 1989—First ad meter 1995--$1 million ads 2000—Dot com ads, 47% of ads 2004—Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction 2007—First consumer-generated ad aired 2011—Social media connection for most ads

  2. 2011 Super Bowl $2.8 million and $3 million for 30 seconds

  3. Who's Buying What in Super Bowl 2011

  4. Best Super Bowl Ad Ever: Round One

  5. Superbowl ads are about creating BUZZ— Both before and after the game! • Audi's ad will contain a hashtag so viewers can follow conversations about the ad on Twitter. • The King of Beers is trying to drum up pre-game interest around a Clydesdales-themed Super Bowl ad for Budweiser, starting with two 15-second "to-be-continued" commercials that ran during the AFC and NFC championship games. • Anheuser-Busch brand released an :18 YouTube teaser to a commercial "Office Bike-a-Thon," which directs viewers to its Facebook page (949,000 "likes") at the end of the spot.

  6. Mercedes-Benz launches innovative Twitter marketing campaign for Superbowl Racing teams led by four celebrities (Serena Williams, Rev Run, Nick Swisher and Pete Wentz) will make their way to Cowboys Stadium outside Dallas from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Tampa in specially equipped Mercedes vehicles, competing in a series of challenges along the way. The winner isn’t who gets there first, but who gets the most points-determined in part by which team generates the most Twitter activity (what Mercedes is calling “Tweet Fuel”) along the way. The teams are competing for a pair of 2012 C Class Coupes, so the stakes are high.

  7. E-Trade’s wisecracking baby character will interact with sports commentators on both Fox and CBS and with on-air anchors during the Super Bowl pregame. In addition, E-Trade will show outtakes from its popular commercials on YouTube and advertise on YouTube during the days before the Bowl. Meanwhile, Teleflora is hoping its Super Bowl spot featuring country crooner Faith Hill will turn heads. Look for the commercial to draw attention to a Teleflora "Flower Coach" app for iPhone and iPad app that will let consumers tell friends via email or Twitter that they are sending them flowers.

  8. M&M's, part of Mars Inc., is running ads to promote its e-commerce initiative, Copy mentions this year's Super Bowl teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Here's one example: "Get a free bag of officially licensed Steelers branded M&M's Candies for your Super Bowl party when you spend $35+ at!"

  9. Super Bowl MVP to get Chevrolet Camaro Convertible This marketing ploy is being employed in spite of a $3 million, 30 second ad spot that General Motors purchased during this years Super Bowl.

  10. Big three gear up for the big game Super Bowl Sunday yields nearly twice as many orders for Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Domino's than any other given day Papa John's • If the game goes into overtime, which it has never done, Papa John's will offer a free large pizza to everyone in the United States. To be eligible for the free large, up-to-three-topping pizza if an overtime were to be forced, consumers need to register for Papa John's online customer loyalty program, Papa Points, any time until 11:59 p.m. Feb. 5. • retail value of about $1 million

  11. Pizza Hut • Pizza Hut's "research team” has put into perspective the effects of Super Bowl fans' pizza dependency. For example: • 2.3 million feet of Pizza Hut pizza will be sold on the big day – enough to reach the summit of Mount Everest 80 times. • 1,200 tons of dough will be used to make Pizza Hut pizza for Big Game orders – twice the weight of the jumbo video screen inside Cowboys Stadium, site of this year's game. • 90,000 gallons of marinara sauce will be spread across Pizza Hut pizzas on game day – enough to fill more than 5,000 beer kegs. • 270,000 Big Dipper pizzas are expected to sell on Pizza Hut's busiest day. If all of the Big Dipper strips were laid end to end they would stretch nearly 500 miles – long enough to cover the distance between Green Bay and Pittsburgh. • 120,000 Pizza Hut employees who will be working across America on the company's busiest day.

  12. Domino's • Shortly before last year's Super Bowl, Domino's Pizza revamped its entire recipe, a risky move leading up to the industry’s biggest day; but a move that paid off exponentially. • This year, the company is anticipating the delivery of more than 9 million slices of pizza, according to Chris Brandon, public relations representative for Domino's.

  13. Touchdown! Mobile • Some 77 percent of adult respondents between the ages of 18-34 plan to use text messaging during this year’s game according to the survey. • It’s projected that by 2013 three billion mobile coupons will be issued to subscribers through targeted advertisements.!-Mobile