the measure of progress is gain n.
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The Measure of Progress is GAIN PowerPoint Presentation
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The Measure of Progress is GAIN

The Measure of Progress is GAIN

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The Measure of Progress is GAIN

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  1. The Measure of Progress is GAIN

  2. Agenda GAIN is Different Superior Reporting Who’s using GAIN What GAIN Clients Have to Say Simplified Pricing Structure GAIN is Getting Better Call to Action

  3. GAIN is Different Uniquely Powerful • GAIN is the only assessment with items written to measure the skills defined as per the EFL Descriptors (Educational Functioning Levels) Easy to Use • No locator/appraiser, No leveled forms • Test of English Skills (reading, writing) • Form A and Form B • 80 questions, timed at 45 minutes • Test of Math Skills • Form A and Form B • 75 questions, timed at 45 minutes

  4. GAIN is Different Flexible Administration • Can be administered online or paper-and-pencil Time-Savings • Reduced test administration time • Reduced labor $ • More teaching time • Provides Instructional Needs • Targeted lesson plan automatically provided

  5. Superior Reporting Student Facing Instructional Needs Diagnostics for Targeted Lesson Plans EFL Levels Scale Scores Flexible Reporting

  6. Sample Individual Report Reports can be printed, saved to a hard drive or network, and/or emailed since they are formatted as a PDF file Wonderlic Online retains all GAIN reports (forever) Wonderlic Data Exchange seamlessly and automatically populates ASISTS—no key stroking scores

  7. Page One - Top

  8. Page One - Bottom Previous Score Current Score

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  11. At a Glance Reporting

  12. Who’s Using GAIN

  13. What GAIN Clients Have to Say GAIN clients consistently report overall cost savings and better student progress. 100% Client Retention “Selecting GAIN for our program was a no-brainer. We needed a good, solid test to evaluate the students when they first come into the program. I looked at several recommended assessments, and GAIN stood out. The report GAIN generates is very motivating to students, to see how far they’ve come, and also to know exactly what areas to study so they’ll be ready for the GED.” Northshore Technical College “We selected GAIN because it is easier and shorter to administer and we instantaneously have a student facing GAIN diagnostic report and an instruction plan for the tutor to follow.” People’s Resource Center Wheaton, IL "Thanks to GAIN we keep them longer, keep them happy, and everyone gets better results. We are keeping dollars because we can prove the students are staying in class and improving.”Rochester Adult Center for Education

  14. What GAIN Clients Have to Say “We are able to provide more targeted instruction. Knowing exactly what types of questions the students miss gives us an advantage.“ Wilkes Community College “In the year since we have been using GAIN, students have been more successful than ever before. More people have stayed in the program and gotten their GED than in the last 9 years.” Mason-Lake Adult Ed “It’s really a time-saver for both the teachers and the students. We needed better and faster diagnostics to help us guide our students. GAIN cuts down on the amount of time we spend initially with each client getting them figured out and lets us move on to teaching more quickly.” Youth Employment Partnership “GAIN is a very accurate assessment. It’s just one test and a much easier process to manage.” Literacy Action

  15. Simplified Pricing Structure $3.50 per test Includes: Student answer sheets for paper-and-pencil administration Scoring, reporting and the Wonderlic Online reporting interface Implementation, GAIN Test Administrator Certification, Training, & Consulting Also Available: State level discounting Seamless Integration with ASISTS Custom Reporting

  16. GAIN is Getting Better Wonderlic continuously strives to help the Adult Education Market 2 Progress Forms 1 additional NRS-approved Form Advanced Skills Test Items for Common Core Standards Work readiness and cognitive ability testing Surveys Free Professional Development Webinar Series

  17. Bill Walker Director of Adult Education and Workforce Solutions, Wonderlic Phone: 512. 777. 8963 Email: Wonderlic Contact