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Collage/Photo Montage

Collage/Photo Montage. A short intro to. by Jennifer Moller. Picasso Cubism. Guitar and Sheet Music. Still Life on a Piano 1912. Georges Braque Man with a Guitar, 1911. Still Life with Fruit-dish on Table, 1914-15. Marianne Brandt 1893 - 1983 Bauhaus 1924-1929. Bauhaus school

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Collage/Photo Montage

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  1. Collage/Photo Montage A short intro to by Jennifer Moller

  2. Picasso Cubism

  3. Guitar and Sheet Music Still Life on a Piano 1912

  4. Georges Braque Man with a Guitar, 1911

  5. Still Life with Fruit-dish on Table, 1914-15

  6. Marianne Brandt1893 - 1983Bauhaus1924-1929

  7. Bauhaus school 1919-1933 Modernist Design

  8. German Dadaist Painter, 1889-1978Hannah Hoch

  9. Hannah Hoch

  10. Hannah Hoch 1936

  11. Austrian Dadaist Painter, 1886-1971 Raoul Hausmann

  12. Dada wins

  13. ABCD

  14. John Heartfield, Berlin Group Dada Adolph The Superman 1932

  15. John Heratfield Goring The Executioner 1933

  16. sleeping Reichstag

  17. Carlos Carra Italian, Futurist 1881-1966 Metarealism

  18. Juan Gris 1887-1927 Spanish Painter The Sunblind, 1914

  19. Max Ernst, Celebes, 1921

  20. Jean Arp 1886-1966 Founding member of the Dada movement in Zurich in 1916 Dada In 1931, he broke with the Surrealism movement of Breton to create Abstraction-Creation Jean Arp, Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, 1916-17

  21. Robert Delaunay French Cubist Painter, 1885-1941 Football. L'Equipe de Cardiff. (1916)

  22. Sonia Delaunay, 1913

  23. Alexandr Rodchenko: Maquette for Mayakovsky's ProEto (1923)

  24. Aleksandr Rodchenko

  25. Richard Hamilton British Pop Artist 1956

  26. Richard Hamilton, 2005

  27. Jerry Uelsmann.jpg

  28. Cut and Paste, History of Montage

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