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Daily Work Organizer

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Daily Work Organizer
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Daily Work Organizer

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  1. Daily Work Organizer • Put your HW next to your DWO. Remember to pick up your graded work from the box! Homework: Finish Cornell Notes

  2. Readers TheatreExcerpt from: The secret to raising smart kids • Read the paragraph out loud together • Read every other line and switch • (partner 1 will read the first line, and partner 2 will read the second) • When you get to the end of the paragraph, start again! Try using funny accents!

  3. It’s what we see…

  4. Light Speed • light around the earth • 300,000,000 m/s • 3 x 108m/s

  5. Light Speed • Just over a second from the moon

  6. Light Speed • 8 minutes from the sun

  7. Light Speed • 4.2 years from Alpha Centauri! (second nearest star)

  8. Lightyear How far light travels in 1 year • 170, 000 lightyears away • How many years ago did it occur?

  9. Refraction • the bending of light when passing through a new (transparent) substance

  10. Plane Mirrors: The Flat Mirrors

  11. Plane Mirrors • Incident ray hits the mirror • Reflected ray is the ray that bounces off • The Normal is the perpendicular line from mirror

  12. Parallax real screw (behind mirror) • Parallax can be used to find image location • Parallax makes objects appear to move when not in the same place • Try it mirror image of screw

  13. Parallax

  14. Parallax • Move head to the side • If the image and real screw separate, then not at same place • Try it mirror

  15. Parallax • If the two move together, they are at same place • Try it mirror

  16. How do scientists calculate the distance between Earth and some other star?

  17. Remember to pick up your graded work from the box!

  18. Now, to the Lab Part I (pg 6)

  19. Daily Work Organizer • Draw, measure, and label the: Normal, Incident & reflective angles. • Bonus: How could you calculate the Incident & Reflective angles without drawing anything? Homework: Finish Cornell Notes Reading Log for pg23

  20. Homework problems: pg 14-17 Due on Wednesday/Thursday Every Scholar: Problems 1, 2, 3 Honors physics: above problems plus 4 Due Friday Every Scholar: Problems 6, 7, 10 Honors physics: above problems plus 8, 9 Extra Credit: problem 5& any Honors problems

  21. Lab 1 (pg 6-11)Due Today by 3:45pm to room 308 Also: Several scholars forgot to write their names on their labs... TURN IN DAILY WORK ORGANIZERS!

  22. Jobs • Whiteboard eraser • Powerpoint master • 2 students to Handback assignments • Salary: 1 ticket per day

  23. Challenge Problems • Do Challenge problems when you are done with classwork • Excellent chance to review material that will be on the test! • Later on it will become an excellent opportunity to review old material that will be on the final • Turn in completed worksheets to the folder and receive 3 tickets

  24. Upcoming events • 1st physics problem set due soon! Advice: • Work with friends • Start NOW (Do not wait till last minute) • Ask for help! • Binder quiz • 1st quiz on Friday

  25. Vocab Incidence Incidence Angle mirror The intersection of light with a surface Intersection Whenever light strikes a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.

  26. Vocab Reflection Reflected Angle mirror An amount of light, heat or sound that is thrown back Throwing back, bouncing off, Both Edward Cullen and Dracula cannot see their reflections in the mirror. How do they style their hair?

  27. Vocab normal Normal mirror A perpendicular (90°) intersection of a line or surface Perpendicular, right angle, 90° The line normal to the mirror is 90° from the mirror. The normal is between the incident and reflected rays.

  28. Reflection Virtual Image of the nose

  29. 2 Laws of Reflection • i = r Object distance Image distance = • di to mirror) = • do (to mirror)

  30. Image Formation

  31. Diffuse Reflectors

  32. What is a summery? • INCLUDES ALL MAIN POINTS! • A paragraph written in full sentences. Example: The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of Reflection. The Normal is an imaginary line drawn 90 degrees to the mirror and is an equal number of degrees from both the incident and reflected rays.

  33. Daily Work Organizer • When done: Start on Worksheet #2 or #3 Homework: Problems 1, 2, 3 Honors: + 4

  34. Find the Object

  35. Let’s try it turn to pg 15

  36. Find the Object Actual path of light Image to eye 14.5 cm Apparent path of light Object 14.5 cm

  37. Yourself in a Mirror • Minimum height of mirror?

  38. Tip for #4 • Work backwards! Where do the rays need to reach to let everything be seen? Tip for #6 • In order to focus you camera you must know the distance between the camera and the image

  39. Class Pointsaka: Tickets for everyone! • 100% homework completion • Everyone is in their seats, silently doing the Do Now when the bell rings

  40. Vocab Parallel lines Parallel Parallel lines always have the same distance between them • Parallel of latitude • Never crossing • 并行 (?) Parallel lines will never cross

  41. Black Holes The mass inside a black hole is infinitely large.

  42. Vocab Infinite • 无限 ∞ Limitless or endless. Impossible to measure or calculate Black Holes! Larger than the largest number The mass inside a black hole is infinitely large. The number closest to 0 that is not 0 is infinitely small

  43. Vocab Image • Light rays • Not always behind a mirror or lens An optical appearanceproduced by light. Interesting fact: the image is not always BEHIND the mirror!

  44. Vocab Object The physical object that produces an image • Examples: ME when I look in the mirror! When Bella looks into the mirror she is the object. Her reflection is the image.

  45. Reflection Lab Grades • Total possible points: 50 • Examples • -2 on the front means you earned 48 / 50 points or 96% • -10 on the front means you earned 40 / 50 points or 80%

  46. Common Shortfalls =( • No Full Sentences Ex: • Example of a great response: 4.2cm and 4.5 cm. 5% Whatis 4.2cm??? The distance from the object to the mirror is 7.7cm and the distance from the mirror to the image is 7.6cm. The percent difference is 1.3% which indicates that these distances are very close.

  47. Common Shortfalls =( • Not labeling the Image in Part 1 Step 9 of the procedure says: Label the image • If you want to discuss lab grades: • Write a note. Staple it to the lab and turn it into the re-grade folder • Talk to me after school in room 308

  48. Lab Corrections • Due 1 week from the day it was due (MONDAY  Tuesday) • Correct your lab and staple a note to the front telling me: • what you corrected • your original mistake NOTE: You can not earn points back by labeling the image…

  49. 1st Quiz on Friday! • Be prepared! What will the quiz cover? • Worksheets from class • Homework • Vocabulary

  50. Daily Work Organizer Fridays Homework: Corrections to first problem set Problems 6, 7, 8 Honors: + 9, 10