progressive verb tenses n.
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Progressive Verb Tenses PowerPoint Presentation
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Progressive Verb Tenses

Progressive Verb Tenses

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Progressive Verb Tenses

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  1. Progressive Verb Tenses

  2. The tense of a verb helps tell WHEN something is happening. The progressive tenses show action that is ongoing. They combine the helping verb be with a main verb that ends in –ing. -PRESENT PROGRESSIVE TENSE: To show continuing action, use the present tense of be. Examples: I am walking with a friend. The sun is shining. We are strolling. -PAST PROGRESSIVE TENSE: To show continuing action in the past. Examples: She was walking here yesterday. The birds were chirping. -Future Progressive Tense: To show continuing action in the future, use the future tense of be. Example: I will be coming back tomorrow.

  3. Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses to show continuing action in each sentence. Hint: Look for time words and phrases, such as yesterday, now, and next week to know when the action takes place. • Our scout troop _________on a hike next week. (go) • I __________ last night to get ready for the trip. (pack) • Right now, I ______ about the weather forecast. (wonder) • At the moment, it ____ and it’s very cold! (rain)

  4. Which words should replace the underlined part of the sentence to make it correct? • Yesterday, we will be hiking to the top of the mountain. a. was hiking b. are hiking c. were hiking d. is hiking 2. At first, I are struggling with my heavy backpack. • is struggling b. was struggling c. were struggling d. will be struggling 3. When we reached the top, my back am aching. a. were aching b. will be aching c. are aching d. was aching