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Experience with GMP+ systém in our company Ing. Josef Lancingr VAPAS, a.s. PowerPoint Presentation
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Experience with GMP+ systém in our company Ing. Josef Lancingr VAPAS, a.s.

Experience with GMP+ systém in our company Ing. Josef Lancingr VAPAS, a.s.

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Experience with GMP+ systém in our company Ing. Josef Lancingr VAPAS, a.s.

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  1. Experience with GMP+ systém in our company Ing. Josef Lancingr VAPAS, a.s.

  2. Experience with system GMP+ in company VAPAS, a.s. First let me introduce our transport company VAPAS, a.s. We are dealing with road transport of nearly all sortes of goods but more than 2/3 of our activities are focused to agriculture and most from this to transport of feeds. Our office is in South-Moravian region but we have activities not only in Czech republic but all European union. We have got approximately 130 transport units which are incorporated to 10 departments. We are transporting feeds for companies ZZN Pelhřimov, Zenza Znojmo, ZZN Pomoraví and others. The company is monitored and controled by information systém which is connected trough main accounting book and reports information starting from single vehicle and finishing all department.

  3. We have certified the systém with certification company MOODY International in april 2006 together with systém ISO 9001. Preparing for certification was quite demanding but advantage was comparison and addaptation number of procedures in company and their normalisation. We had to creat nearly all procedures newly, set up rules and train employees. All process lasted approximately 6 months and it was hard work. All systém GMP+ and ISO 9001 is located in company server where is accessible to all technical employees without problems thanks to very good computer equipment. Of course that rights for changes has only quality manager.

  4. I would like to highlight that obtaining certificate is one thing but than is necessary to keep permanent attention to systém GMP+ and mainly in moment of changing employees when the systém has to be implemented to subconsciousness of new personel. It was necessary to train dispatchers (we had to change few of them) and mainly to make force drivers to work according to GMP+ rules which was main problem. During that period was not enough drivers and current driver was not ready to learn new things but when is systém understanded than is functioned. Today, after 3 years of function of the systém it is settled and is part of the company. There is very important interconnection of systém GMP+ with information systém of the company including appropriate computer equipment.

  5. Next very important part of the systém is level of transport technics mainly for feeds transport. We ruthlessly discarded old vehicles, which where problematic for cleaning and replaced by new modern vehicles with special extensions. The problem is that it was expensive and than the cost is put on final cost of feed transport. Feed producers usualy use old rusty vehicles with mould in extensions rather than modern technics which is expensive. Nevertheless theese old vehicles is not possible to clean properly. The main criteria for choice of transport company by producers is price of transport in current competitive environment. Most of producers uses their own transport which uses technics usualy in very bad conditions. I see very large part for improvement in underestimating of feed transport technics level.

  6. Many companies is considering to certify for GMP+ or not. If to pay off extensive energy and finantials and if is necessary. My opinion is that there is no other way. There is posibility of very quick sheding of information and technologies but unfortunately also of diseaes, infections etc. in today global world. We can remember mad cows diseae, avian infuenza and others. Only way how to defend against this is keeping clean, record, to be consequential and attentive. And theese are principles of GMP+ nothing more. GMP+ certification is very big benefit for our company, cleanness came to be obvious as well as prohibition of tranport of nonconform commodities. We are continuing beyond. At this time we are setting up monitoring systém interconnected with electronic transport document in which will be monitored also cleaning and its checking. Till this time are writing by hand by drivers