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Pereles Bros., Inc.

Pereles Bros., Inc.

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Pereles Bros., Inc.

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  1. 5840 North 60th Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-463-1000 Pereles Bros., Inc.

  2. Our Molding Experience is Your Advantage Established in 1925, Pereles Bros., Inc. is one of the Midwest’s most experienced plastic injection molders - knowledgeable in all aspects of the production of high-quality, custom plastic injection molded products. We provide a diverse client base with a customer-focused approach to the design and development of specialized, one of a kind, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products. We offer cost-efficient design and prototyping assistance, material selection and technical assistance throughout the production process. In addition, we provide an array of value-added services designed to improve ROI for customers.

  3. Employment Opportunities Interested in joining our team? Please click on the job titles below to view more detailed information on the current available job opportunities at Pereles Bros., Inc.: Injection Molding Setup / Process Technician To apply:Please submit your resume to our Human Resources Department.5840 North 60th StreetMilwaukee, WI 53218Tel: 414.463.1000Fax: 414.463.4081Email:

  4. Two-Shot Molding Pereles’ specialty vertical press creates a unique molding method that efficiently and consistently molds two colors, two materials (resins), and also allows for inserts to be molded in during a single press cycle. The two-shot molding process allows you to design more complex plastic parts with a high level of accuracy, molded with a high level of repeatability.

  5. Molds Designed to Ensure Success Our customers count on us to provide the most cost-effective tooling for a project. We review product specifications, material requirements, parts required and so much more to make sure your project is designed to the appropriate specification ensuring successful plastic part production. This is the first step in managing a project in a timely and cost efficient manner. The mold is the essential component in producing quality plastic parts over many cycles. When we are responsible for the design and construction of a new mold, we use high quality components to ensure maximum tool life. And, because molds can be very complex, we inform you early on of industry best practices related to effective mold design and longevity. Our best-in-class, in-house tool maintenance program includes inspection, cleaning and appropriate storage, so that every mold is always ready for its next run and achieves maximum longevity.

  6. The Right Materials for Every Job Pereles uses a variety of engineered thermoplastic resins including Thermoplastic Elastomers and Melt Processable Rubber (Alcryn) to produce plastic products. Choosing the appropriate materials is a critical factor for success. We partner with some of the industry's most respected thermoplastic resin providers, and provide the necessary data to assist our customers in the selection of those materials that will cost effectively yield the most reliable and functional products.

  7. Insert Molding Expertise Pereles offers decades of experience designing and building tools for the insert molding process, including molding with metallic and non-metallic inserts. We utilize horizontal and vertical molding machines for manual or automated insert molding projects. The insert molding process provides quality assemblies and increases the opportunity for cost reductions through the elimination of excess labor, equipment and inventory management expenses. Insert molding simplifies the assembly process by decreasing the manufacturing steps required to produce a finished plastic product.

  8. Over-Molding Pereles provides over-molding capabilities to enhance our customer’s manufacturing needs. Over-molding is a plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material is molded over another material or substrate to form one exceptionally durable or aestethically appealing part. A broad range of thermoplastic materials can be over-molded, including both soft and hard plastics. The over-molding process strengthens, protects and improves a part or final component, while reducing cost, labor and materials. Benefits of Over-Molding: Reduced assembly steps and costs Enhanced aesthetic design Improved product strength/functionality Eliminated post-molding assemblies Enhanced design capability Sample of Over-Molding Applications Hand-held tools User the hood electronic components Consumer electronics and appliances Hand-held medical devices Household products