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7 Best Selling Perfume for Girls PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Best Selling Perfume for Girls

7 Best Selling Perfume for Girls

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7 Best Selling Perfume for Girls

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  1. Welcome To You Perfume Booth

  2. 7 Best Selling Perfume for Girls

  3. Introduction • Stepping out of the house without applying perfume seems unlikely. Keep your personality preppy and upbeat in every season with a great smelling perfume from top-selling international brands. From the classroom to movies, from club nights to coffee breaks, these will keep you fragrant. Here are seven best selling perfumes for girls handpicked by perfume experts from all around the world.

  4. Mural De Ruitz H Factor It is an amazing Eau de parfum for women, which are loaded with floral fruity essence giving you an unbeatable fragrance suitable for the summer and hot seasons. This clear perfume contains notes of juicy fruits having blackcurrant, and citruses with floral notes in the middle with jasmine and lily. The base adds a refreshing sensuous touch with musk, sandalwood and amber.

  5. Baug Sons Treasures Day • This Eau de perfume for women is inspired by Orientals of Arabian nights. Its sweet fruity notes will take you down a dreamland making your senses feel relaxed. With candied fruit on top, you can enjoy a sweet touch, revealing your sweet personality. The sweet caramel notes of honey in the middle and vanilla with patchouli at the base will make everyone fall in love with your personality.

  6. Lomani Paris Secret • Lomani is known for its sensuous yet elegant fragrances for women and girls and this one is another top seller from the brand. It is a mix of fruity floral accords and great for everyday use. The top notes are a mix of citruses with peach and freesia and the middle layer is loaded with florals like magnolia and rose. The base adds that sensuous touch with musk, cedar and amber.

  7. Mural De RuitzBlack Prisma Filled in a stunning triangle shaped bottle with golden and leather accents, this perfume gives you a zesty oriental vibe making it an ideal pick for evenings and club nights. Enjoy the opening layer with a boost of citrus freshness, middle layer with aromatic coffee and jasmine, bringing that night vibe and vanilla with cedar for that sensuous touch.

  8. MPF Drops Rose Reminding you of the classic era and the traditional rose scent, this Eau de parfum for women will bring out your elegant side for those special moments. The perfume opens up with bergamot, and tea, moving towards the heart of the scent having rose, orchid, jasmine and freesia. The base gives it the strength to last long with patchouli, white musk and oriental notes.

  9. New NB Pink A passionate eau de toilette for men, this is your budget-friendly go-to fragrance for everyday use. Filled with zesty top notes having orange, mandarin orange and bergamot and the heart accord with honeysuckle, magnolia, raspberry adds a refreshing gourmand touch to it. The base notes with woody accords give it a nice kick for all day use.

  10. MPF Daring A fruity chypre Eau de parfum for women designed for girls who are strong headed and lives life on her own terms. The top notes add a refreshing surprise to it with ozonic and fruity notes while the middle adds a sweetness to it with peach blossom. The base is strong just like you with white musk, amber and other aromatic woody notes.

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