get to know about the basics of the mixing n.
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Get to Know about the basics of the mixing technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Get to Know about the basics of the mixing technology

Get to Know about the basics of the mixing technology

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Get to Know about the basics of the mixing technology

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  1. Get to Know about the basics of the mixing technology The process of producing a homogenous product by combining different materials thoroughly is mixing. A combination of dissimilar materials is generally the mixture e.g. to produce Pozzocrete cement and coal ash are blended in a specified ratio. In other cases, a chemically homogenous material may be mixed to produce a uniform lot of a desired volume/weight with consistent particle color, texture, size distribution, and other required attributes. With viscous materials, gas-liquid, and liquid-liquid, the terminology mixing is more closely associated. The Mixer Granulator is widely used in many industries. In the chemical process industries, Blending and Mixing are the most demanding unit operations. On blending and mixing technology, Industries such as foods and pharmaceutical also rely heavily. Some common examples are as follows: Food industry: Preparation of flavors, spices, and cake mix Significance of Mixing Technology As by the quality of the mix, the attributes of the final product and its quality are derived, Mixing is a critical process. Lacking consistency for desired attributes like color, chemical composition, flavor, texture, particle size, and reactivity, Improper mixing results in a non- homogenous product.

  2. Categories of Mixing Equipment Based on the type of materials being mixed, mixing equipment is classified. The three major classifications of mixing equipment are: Blenders: Mixers for Blending of Solid-Solid There is a wide range of blender technologies available, considering the myriad of industrial operations requiring the blending of bulk solids. Depending on the mechanism of mixing and principle, blenders are classified as follows: Fluidizing Mixer / Blenders: Double Paddle Mixer, Plow Mixer Convective Blender: Vertical Screw Blender, Paddle Blender, Ribbon Blender Tumbler Blenders: Octagonal Blender, V-Blenders, Double Cone Blender Agitators: Mixers for Liquid Gas, Liquid-Liquid Mixing By rotating impellers, several processes like dispersing or contacting immiscible liquids, suspension of solids in liquids, blending miscible liquids, heat transfer in agitated liquid, dispersing a gas in a liquid, etc. are carried out in agitated vessels. Based on the angle that the impeller blade makes with the plane of impeller rotation, the impellers are classified as radial and axial. Conclusion This is all about the basics of the mixing technology. Hope this information will be helpful for you and your business. No.1888, N. Shengxin Rd,Shanghai, 201807, China +86 133 911 68218