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  1. When it comes to look for new rims and tires drivers have a lot of options. Traditionally, the most expensive option is to visit the dealership, any local shop or purchase your tires online, you'll need to do a little extra research to find out how much it'll cost to have them put on your vehicle. What Are The Method To Find Rims & Tires ??

  2. You can customize your rims with a custom paint job, but make sure you keep those rims in very good shape and condition. Rims are one of the most durable parts in a vehicle but can still suffer wear and tear. Make sure that your rims aren’t bent or cracked. Any bend or crack in a rim can be really dangerous because they can damage your tires. Different types of rims are availabe depending upon your drive. Deciding the size of wheels that fit a car isn't a simple process. You must consider few details, such as bolt pattern, offset, width and diameter. How Can You Know The Size Of Your Rim !!

  3. You have a wide range of tire choices out there, it can be confusing at times when you have to decide which type is best for you and your vehicle. From Straiht Rib Tires to All-Terrain, understanding the difference between tire types will help you make the right decision. What Are The Different Types Of Tires Available?

  4. The tire wear and the edge are two things that can't be differentiated. The problem is that irregular wear comes in so many different flavors. The causes of strange tire wear can range from air pressure to improper balance, from misalignment to bent wheels, fluctuating temperatures. The Tire Wear And The Edge !! Air Pressure:Improper air pressure cause tires to wear which also depends on the weather. Alignment:The alignment of a car should be correct at all time, the incorrect alignment, causes wear and tear. The impact due to incorrect alignment will bend the wheel and knock the alignment out, which creates a tire wear situation.

  5. Balance Issue: Improper balance causes wobble in the tire and the car spin due to the centrifugal force. This wobble in the tire and the rim causes wear and tear & probably show up as a vibration. Bent Wheels:A bent wheel can cause vibration in the car, which can affect wear and tear on all the tires. the bend in wheel will be mirrored by the tire's shoulder tread as the whole sidewall dips to follow the bend. This will cause a lot of stain in the wheel and couse of which you can see all kinds of strange wear.

  6. What Are The Common Tire Wear Patterns?

  7. What Are The Techniques To Clean Rim and Tire's? Use of soaps and mild chemicals Rinse off cleaner with a hose Sponges available for cleaning your rims Use polish and Take out a soft cloth and wipe the car rims fully dry

  8. We all know that maintain a vehicle can be costly. The most dangerous failures, and the ones most associated with serious accidents are tire wear, tread separations, belt separations, sidewall ruptures, patch failures, degredation just to name a few. Why You Need To Keep Your Car Maintained?

  9. Depends on How you drive you car. It is regardless of how and where you get new rims & tires, few things you should keep in mind: Try not to buy tires more than you require. Tire selection is a balance between you cars ride quality, noise suppression, the load capability and cost and fuel consumption. The tire expert and the consumer have to trust each other so that it can lead to good business and the customer satisfaction. Make sure the wheels are approved for your vehicle. Make sure when you buy the tire it can support your cars load. Few Thing You Need To Take Care While Buying Rim/ Tire !

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