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  1. EXECUTIVE SEARCH AND RECRUITMENT Sunday, November 16, 2014

  2. Servus International Executive SearchExecutive Search Worldwide • Efficiency and productivity of a company can only be rendered through constructing the proper structure and recruiting befitting personnel. This fact is one of the most critical issues of the hospitality industry which is one of the forthcoming service industries. Selecting the most appropriate and efficient team is the most crucial step when the uncertainty that world economies are in is considered. • Principles and procedures that are successfully defined and implemented by the management are the most important factors that provide a positive image for the hotel. Thus, investors' trust in the executive team about the operations and marketing of the hotel is critical. • With this understanding, SERVUS offers you an executive search system specialized for the lodging and hospitality industry. Our databases are formed by executives who have mastered and succeeded diverse location and challenges. • First step to our studies is examining your organization and expectations about the vacant positions. Our search system matches the most appropriate candidates with the requirements of your vacant position. The in-depth CV’s, the personal information forms and detailed reference checks we provide regarding each candidate offer you a chance to get to know them without wasting your time.   • Moreover, candidates' detailed analyses, personality tests and comparison with other candidates and VCD’s of the interview recordings are provided on request. • In the case the executive that we have placed departs within 3 months, we guarantee to replace them on the house.

  3. Servus International Executive SearchExecutive Search Worldwide Process Flow DETERMINING NEEDS As the first step of our studies, criteria and goals relating to the vacant position are determined and related forms about the organization and position are filled. Required experience level and personality is ascertained by inspecting the organization's structure. DETERMINING QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR THE POSITION After deciding upon the needs and goals, qualifications of the position, responsibilities, the profile of the ideal candidate is defined in the search system. RESEARCH Besides searching in the existing database, the wide network of the company and our consultants are utilized. Free and/or paid advertising maybe used upon consulting with the client. DETERMINING CANDIDATES Determined candidates are contacted; information about and goals of the organization and position are shared; and volunteering candidates are signed up for the last candidate list .

  4. Servus International Executive SearchExecutive Search Worldwide Process Flow CANDIDATE EVALUATION MEETINGS In line with the criteria, final interviews with candidates are made, tele-conference interviews are conducted for some candidates living abroad. Predetermined questions sets are asked on the client's presence on request. The real candidate list is prepared after making the necessary eliminations. PRESENTING THE REAL CANDIDATES TO THE CLIENT Standard application is presenting all the real candidates along with comments and evaluation of the executive search consultant. All arrangements for the meetings of the client and candidates are rendered. Then, follow-up calls are realized on behalf of the client. EVALUATION MEETINGS HELD WITH THE CLIENT We request evaluation meetings to receive the comments of our clients regarding the candidates. Feedbacks enable us to comprehend the needs of the client in-depth. CONTACTING REFERENCES On behalf of the client, all references are called and reported to facilitate the decision making process. CONCLUDING THE SEARCH AND FILLING THE POSITION Offer package is prepared and negotiated on request. Job descriptions and contracts are prepared and conferred with the candidates as other supportive services on request.

  5. Our Consultants Theodor J. Kubak , CEO, ISHC Member • Development • Management • Operations • Feasibility & Appraisal Studies • Concept Engineering • F&B • Organizational Restructuring • Finance • Çiğdem Türkyılmaz • Sales & Marketing • Management Systems • Human Resources • Canan Yonsel Yaşar • Human Resources Consultant

  6. Our Sample Forms • Sample Personal Information Form (Click to view) • Sample Reference Check List (Click to view)

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  9. Our References Mövenpick Istanbul Mövenpick Dubai Mövenpick Jeddah Mövenpick Djerba Tunesia Mövenpick El Gouna Egypt Mövenpick Madinah Mövenpick Yemen Barcelo Eresin Topkapı Blue Lagoon Syria La Residance des Cascades Soma Bay Egypt Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino Cyprus Ma Biche Hotel Hotel Euro Plaza Corinthia Hotels TÜROB Hotel Colossae Sheraton Metechi Palace Sunset Restaurants BTA – Istanbul Airport Intercontinental Hotel Group Holiday Inn Bursa Çırağan Hotel Kempinski Ramada Plaza Kaya Belek Hillside Ma Biche Eyilik Grubu Polat Renaissance Kemer Golf and Country Club Unit Turizm Yatırımları İşmerkezleri Yönetim ve İşl. A.Ş. Sürmeli Hotel İstanbul Alarko Grubu Summer GardenAlanya Sun Set Grill Bar Belceğiz Turizm İşletmeleri Coliseum Acarkent Ritz Carlton Istanbul Elif A.Ş. Kalyon Hotel Dorint Hotel İstanbul

  10. Our Testimonials Kaya Hotels & Resort olarak çalışmakta olduğumuz SERVUS Hotel grubuna ait olan eleman bulma ve yerleştirme departmanı ile yoğun olarak çalışmaktayız. Sektörde aranılan vasıfta adaylara ulaşmak genelde bir sorun olmaktadır; örnek olarak gazeteye verilen bir ilana başvuran kişi sayısı oldukça yüksek olmakla birlikte çoğu başvurular nitelik ve tecrübe açısından oldukça yetersiz olmakta, oysa bu konuda daha özel bir hizmet veren SERVUS Hotel,ile hedef kitleye ulaşmak ve netice almak daha çabuk ve etkin olmaktadır. Ahmet Seymen Kaya Otelleri Operasyon Kordinatörü Kaya Hotel Genel Müdürü “I like to take herewith the opportunity to thank you Mr. Kubak and Servus for your efficient and professional assistance in recruiting the vacant position of executive chef. It has been indeed a pleasure to work with you considering the fast and adequate services we have received. We are looking forward to continue our successful partnership in future hospitality related issues with Servus” Richard Appelbaum General Manager Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

  11. Our Testimonials I would like to thank you very much for the service rendered during our search for a candidate for head chef of our first Pasha Restaurant in Dubai. Recruiting staff from a foreign country can sometimes be like doing business with someone on the moon. Not so with Servus International! We received resumes very closely matching out brief. James Hochreutiner General Manager Pasha F&B Co. Dubai – UAE