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How to Prolong Battery Life PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Prolong Battery Life

How to Prolong Battery Life

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How to Prolong Battery Life

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  1. How to Prolong Battery Life The Peterson Group Wholesaler Mobile Accessories Computer Peripherals Taiwan Jakarta Indonesia

  2. We have all experienced it: in the middle of watching a movie near the climax, or when you are in a meeting, and you find in your horror that your laptop battery is almost dead and you forgot your charger or there is no available outlet.

  3. Before you buy some counterfeited battery from the stalls of Jakarta, Indonesia or black markets of Beijing, China which can easily harm your laptop, make sure you are running out of options first. There are more strategies to prolong your battery’s life and it can be applicable anytime anywhere.

  4. Taiwan-based distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals, The Peterson Group, shares some technique on how to prolong your battery life and save yourself from an irritating trouble of not being able to finish what you have to do.

  5. 1. Activate your Laptop Battery Saver Mode or Eco Mode It seems like an easy thing to do but many laptop users just seems to overlook this laptop’s feature. Saver Mode will engage a number of automatic changes just to lengthen usable battery life.

  6. It can minimize the brightness and contrast of your monitor, review the applications you are using, shut down unwanted software devices and reduce power consumption.

  7. 2. Disable Unused Devices and Ports You may have a battery saver mode but it cannot guarantee to close every unused application. It is better to close any unneeded peripherals and turning off power blogs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, graphics processors and unused optical drives.

  8. A little warning though, before disabling any component device, make sure that the device is not in use, and that it is not essential to continuing operation of the laptop.

  9. 3. Adjust Your Setting Once again, your eco saver may do that for you; still, it would be better if you do it manually. The eco mode may not be able to adjust the color and contrast as you would want it to.

  10. It may adjust it too dim for you. If you are only doing a document or simple tasks, you would not need a 1080p or higher display. You can also tone down the volume.

  11. 4. Simplify your Activities Start by single tasking. Multitasking is okay when you have your outlet ready but on dire needs, prioritize only the necessity. Playing online music can drain batteries.

  12. If music is a must, then, save some music in your local disk and play from there. By eliminating unnecessary power uses, you should be able to extend the life of your battery in those moments that you find yourself high and dry.