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Security Facilities Every Preschool Should Have PowerPoint Presentation
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Security Facilities Every Preschool Should Have

Security Facilities Every Preschool Should Have

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Security Facilities Every Preschool Should Have

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  1. Blog: PetiteSchoolHouse Security Facilities Every Preschools Should Have Whether it is school or home, a child’s security is the most important point of concern. And when we think of preschoolers, their vulnerability makes the security aspect crucial. Schools are a second home to preschoolers. Besides good care and optimum attention, a trustworthy preschool ensures excellent safety and security measures for all its students. Following are the security facilities every early learning center should offer for the well-being of the kids. ID Proof for Guardians A family can have many members to bring the child back from school. Thus, schools issue guardian identification cards to parents, which helps the school authorities identify the right person to hand over the child. These cards contain a unique code and make it possible for the school authorities to keep a strict watch on kid’s security. Biometric system for guardians Apart from ID cards, a few schools have upgraded their security system to biometric recognition methods. At the time of the child’s admission, the parent or guardian’s fingerprint data is recorded. Schools henceforth allow entry only when the identity of the parent tallies with the recorded data. Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguisher Maintenence Institutions should regularly maintain smoke detectors, fire alarms, and heat detectors to prevent any mishap. Smoke detectors should be fine enough to send alerts for even the slightest of smoke as this is the vital signal to usher kids to safety at the earliest. Fire extinguishers should be strategically placed, easy to use, and well below their expiry dates. Security drills

  2. Blog: PetiteSchoolHouse Many schools practice monthly security drill sessions to ensure the emergency procedures are followed to precision. Parents are invited to witness these drills and check what precautions are met and how decisions are taken for their child’s safety. Hygiene and cleanliness This cannot be ignored. Small children spend a lot of time on the floor. Thus, the classroom floors should be meticulously cleaned twice a day. Toys and surfaces should be safe All the items present, including toys, furniture, and mats, should meet regulatory standards. All toys and furniture must have soft edges, and suitable fall surfaces should be present to avoid accidents. Vigilance The entire school premises, especially the classroom, should be covered by CCTV cameras. In brief, a lot has to be done to ensure a safe and secure environment for the small children in an academy. If you are seeking a reputable school in Northridge, California, visit Petite School House. It is a highly reputed preschool that offers proper security facilities, a comfortable environment, and holistic development opportunities for preschoolers.