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Why Is Art Important for Preschool 7 Benefits to Know PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Is Art Important for Preschool 7 Benefits to Know

Why Is Art Important for Preschool 7 Benefits to Know

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Why Is Art Important for Preschool 7 Benefits to Know

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  1. Blog: Petite School House Why Is Art Important for Preschool? 7 Benefits to Know For children, drawing an image or making a piece of art is not just entertaining. They learn through these processes. The preschools in Northridge, CA, include the art and craft in their curriculum due to this reason. 1. Outlet for Emotion When children are impatient, they break down and cry or throw tantrums by shouting or breaking things. When working on an art or craft project, children focus their energy on the task and use the drawing or the art piece to articulate their emotions positively. 2. Fine Motor Skills Development Children learn to hold crayons, cut papers, handle glue sticks or place stickers when working on art or craft projects. These activities strengthen their fine motor skills and lay the foundation for critical life skills. They also learn how to perform the routine activities of life independently. The preschools in Northridge encourage the kids to participate in art and craft projects due to this reason. 3. Building Language Skills When children are encouraged to talk about an image or a piece of art made by them, it strengthens their communication skills and improves their literacy skills (skills needed for writing and reading). 4. Improvement in Behavior Children working on art and craft projects in the early learning centre improve their focus and attention span. They learn to be patient and learn how to solve problems. The art and craft projects enable the kids to be well-mannered and to develop more control over their emotions.

  2. Blog: Petite School House 5. Developing Critical Thinking Skills When working on an art or craft project, children have to - ● Plan what they want to develop ● Consider the limitations of each tool being used ● Solve problems related to the task Performing these tasks enables the children to develop their critical thinking skills. 6. Nurtures Creativity Every daycare center in Northridge carefully plans the art and craft projects for children of different age groups to nurture their creativity, encouraging the kids to be innovative. 7. Developing Preliminary Mathematical Skills Children learn about shapes and spaces when working on art and craft projects. It is also possible for the kids to develop spatial awareness when working on a piece of paper or canvas. Learning becomes fun at Petite School House. Children learn through innovative methods. Contact Us Now.