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Asking Questions

Asking Questions. Fat vs. Skinny. Fat. Another Way at Looking at Questioning. Skinny Questions Fat Questions. Skinny Questions (Literal to Low-Level Inferential). Simple Convergent Close-ended Basic recall Right answer. Skinny Questions. Who? What? Where? When? (typically)

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Asking Questions

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  1. Asking Questions Fat vs. Skinny Fat

  2. Another Way at Looking at Questioning • Skinny Questions • Fat Questions

  3. Skinny Questions(Literal to Low-Level Inferential) • Simple • Convergent • Close-ended • Basic recall • Right answer

  4. Skinny Questions • Who? What? Where? When? (typically) • Why? How? (if the answer is actually in the text)

  5. Skinny Questionsfor Little Red Riding Hood • How many little girls are in the story? • What happened first in the story? • What color was Little Red’s cape? • What did the wolf do to trick Little Red? • Where was Little Red going?

  6. Fat Questions(High-Level Inferential to Evaluative) • Complex • Divergent • Open-Ended • Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation • No one right answer

  7. Fat Questions • What are all the ways _____________? • What if ___________? • What might have been _________? • How is _________different from ______? • What is your point of view about _____? • How come________?

  8. Fat Questions • How do you feel about __________? • List as many reasons as you can why ____? • Imagine that _______. How do you feel about that? • What do you think about when ______? • What comes before ______? • What comes after _______?

  9. Fat Questions • What if almost all of the teachers in your school were men? • What if students went to school 1/2 days on Saturdays? • Would you rather be the wind or a river? • How would a kite feel about meeting a butterfly? • What questions might a hurricane ask a tornado?

  10. Fat Questions for Little Red Riding Hood • Would you rather the the Wolf or Little Red? • How is this story like other stories about wolves? • What is your opinion about the intelligence of this wolf? • What other endings to the story might be possible? • How are the Wolf and Grandma alike and different?

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