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5 th Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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5 th Grade Curriculum Night

5 th Grade Curriculum Night

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5 th Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. 5th Grade Curriculum Night Melissa Hjalmarson Miles Lee Mel Smith Jeff Weber Ryan Winchell Cat Clarke

  2. Who’s Who? • Principal:  Angela Dolezal • Assistant Principal:  Valerie Helm • Administrative Assistant:  Nora Kaye • Secretary:  Deb Taylor   • Nurse:  Jennifer Joseph • GTD/Differentiation Resource:  Leanne Scaro • Language Arts Specialist:Terese Parr • LD Resource:  Lauren Trout

  3. Specials, Etc. • Art:  Jenny Raia • Music:  Pam Wiese   • P.E:  Elisabeth Patterson & Noah Wiza • Spanish:  Liza Lynch    • Teacher Librarian:  Sharon Pearce   • Social Worker:Canika Prescott   • Psychologist:  Vanessa Anthony   • Speech Therapist:  Susan LeCrone • Band/Orchestra:  Sandy Korelc • Teaching Assistants: Alfreda Campbell & Pam Thompson

  4. Setting an Excellent Example • Fifth grade students are expected to behave as role models for all of the younger students in our building.   • They should lead by example and demonstrate Longfellow's Bear Necessities:  Be respectful, responsible, and safe.   • Additionally, students should work towards meeting the 5th Grade Goals:  Use common sense, think for yourself, and strive to be independent.

  5. Subjects & Switching • Students will have Reading, Spelling, Language Arts, and Math with their homeroom teacher.  • Mrs. Scaro will teach 6th gradeMath.  • Ms. Hjalmarson will teach Science. • Mr. Smith will teach Social Studies. • Mr. Lee, Mr. Weber and Mr. Winchell will teach Writing/Research/Technology. • Students will attend five core subjects every day.

  6. Reading/Language Arts • Students will address the Common Core Curriculum through a variety of fiction/non-fiction reading integrated across the curriculum. • Examples of reading themes could include subjects in science and social studies. • In addition, students are expected to read outside of school for 210 minutes each week. • Supplemental grammar, spelling, and language arts practice will also be incorporated into the daily reading lessons.

  7. Some of our novels…

  8. Writing/Research: 6 Traits • In Writing, students will study the six traits of writing: Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Voice, and Conventions. • We will be using the 6-Trait Writing Series along with the Scholastic "Trait Crate”.

  9. Writing/Research Continued… • Our writing assignments will vary over the course of the year and cover narratives, expository and persuasive pieces, poetry, short stories, and news articles. Students will end the year with a portfolio of all their published pieces. • Additionally, students will work on iPadsand netbooks throughout the year to develop word processing skills, complete online research, and create computer-based projects.  

  10. 5th Grade Mathematics • Based on Common Core Standards, students will study order of operations and whole numbers, decimals, multiplying and dividing with decimals, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, geometry and the coordinate plane, 2D figures, and volume and measurement .

  11. Math Assessments • Students will complete a summative assessment and a culminating activity for each Common Core Standard.  • Each Common Core Standard is taught for mastery. 

  12. Math Materials • For Math, all students will be required to have their own TI-15 calculator, a spiral notebook designated specifically for Math, two sharp pencils with erasers, a correcting pen, Math packets and a Student Reference Book (hardcover resource book).

  13. Social Studies • In Social Studies, students will study the history of America from its earliest inhabitants to its present day links to the past through the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies series.  • Students will perform additional research on a variety of topics as they work to complete fun and challenging hands-on projects throughout the year.

  14. Science • In Science, students will study four broad areas:  Pollution, Variables, and the Human Body and Reproduction.

  15. Assessments • Assessments are focused on the performance of the individual student in relation to the Common Core Standards. This is a national directive to help students become college and career ready. Here is the website to answer any questions that you may have: • We will use the District’s new grading model of EX, PR, AP and NP.  A student who meets expectations for mastering a particular standard will earn a PR (Proficient).  An EX would indicate that the student has exceeded the standard.  (AP = Approaching Proficiency, and NP = Not Yet Proficient).  • A progress report will be sent home with each student at the end of each month, except before report card distribution and conferences. We all keep an electronic grade book.

  16. MAP & ISAT Testing • MAP testing will take place in the fall, winter and spring.   • Illinois Standard Achievement Tests (ISAT's) will be administered March 3-7th. This is the last year for ISATs. • Fifth grade students are tested in Math and Reading.  • There will be no writing component included in this year's ISAT.  • ISAT prep will go on throughout the year, and will be embedded into our curriculum.

  17. Academics • Students are expected to set academic goals for all subjects and to work toward achieving these goals.  Students are expected to maintain their academic performance at or above grade level in every academic and Special Area (PE, Art, Music, and Spanish) class.   • Honor Roll Criteria:  Due to the Common Core Standards, Honor Roll criteria is in transition.

  18. Assignment Notebooks • All students will be provided with a red Assignment Notebook.   • A new one will be provided at the beginning of each trimester.  In order to receive initial credit for an assignment, it must be written correctly into the assignment notebook.  It must be completed in an acceptable manner.  • These assignments will then receive a teacher stamp next to the due date for that assignment.  This is a daily form of communication about academic progress and expectations.  Please ask to see your child’s assignment notebook daily.  • If a student fails to complete an assignment, he or she will receive an “x” that must then be signed by a parent/guardian.

  19. Field Trips • In fifth grade, we go on several fun and engaging field trips.  The exact dates are TBD.  Permission slips will go home throughout the year.  Some of our fifth grade trips include:  Snake Road Adventure Center overnight trip, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Millennium Park, Naper Settlement, and the Robert Crown Health Center.

  20. Taking the “L” downtown

  21. Snake Road Adventure CenterCovenant Harbor, Lake Geneva, WI

  22. Snake Road Adventure CenterCovenant Harbor, Lake Geneva, WI • Our Outdoor Education overnight trip to Snake Road Adventure Center is set for Wednesday, November 13th - Friday, November 15th.  • The cost is approximately $162.00 for students and $143.00 for adults.  One of the main purposes of this trip will be to promote cooperation, teamwork, and a sense of community among our 5th Grade students.  • An informational meeting (for parents/guardians) about this trip will be held in the Longfellow Auditorium on Wednesday, September 11th at 6 PM.  • Chaperones are needed!  Please let your child's homeroom teacher know if you are interested.

  23. Odds and Ends • TI-15 calculator: $12.95 (D97 Web Store) • End of year project fee: $2.00 (CASH) • Homeroom sign-in sheets, volunteer forms, emergency data forms are on the tables in the hallway. • Walking permission forms will be sent electronically. • Questions about Outdoor Education will be answered on Wednesday, September 11 at 6 PM in the auditorium.

  24. Contact Us • The preferred method of communication for all 5th grade teachers is email. • • • • • •

  25. Websites • A new inclusive 5th grade website is under construction. Until then… • All of our websites link from the Longfellow Homepage. • 1. “Directory” • 2. “Intermediate” • 3. “View website” • Please visit our classroom websites weekly. • Ms. Hjalmarson: • Mr. Lee: ttp:// • Mr. Smith: • Mr. Weber: • Mr. Winchell: • Ms. Clarke:

  26. Thank you all for attending. We look forward to a great year! Questions?