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Environmental benefits of molecular biotechnology PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental benefits of molecular biotechnology

Environmental benefits of molecular biotechnology

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Environmental benefits of molecular biotechnology

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  1. Environmental benefits of molecular biotechnology Shu-Hao Chang

  2. Introduction • In the 20th century, the problems of the environmental pollution become worst. There are many kinds of environmental treatments, but only the molecular biotechnology are the most widely used. • Dividing into six parts: • Environmental monitoring and inspecting • Environmental management and risk evaluation • Soil and ground water treatment • Molecular Nanotechnology • Green Technology • Examination Responsibility of environment disputes

  3. 1.Environmental Monitoring And inspecting • There are many place need the environmental monitoring and inspecting such as the pathogen or virus in the environment , microbial growth and decline, and water treatment plan…etc. • Tools: Polymerase chain reaction(PCR), Reverse Transcription PCR(RT-PCR), Quantitative Competitive-PCR (QC-PCR)

  4. 1.Environmental Monitoring And inspecting • we can use this phylogenetic tree to provide the microbial characteristic of the environmental sample or pure culture. By this processing, we can find this high concentration target model which is very similar for our sample.

  5. . • Tool: Fluorescent In SituHybridization (FISH) • It is often used for finding specific features in DNA. These features can be used species identification.

  6. 2.Environmental Management and Risk Evaluation • The new molecular biotechnology can be use on the environmental management, risk evaluation and pollution prevention of the environmental jobs. • Tools: DNA microarray, and DNA-chip • For example, the new bioassay technology such as DNA microarray, which can detect very fast the cadmium chloride (CdCl2) or trichloroethylene (TCE) these toxicity substances in the examinate’s liver. • The goal= As soon as batter: • Making our environmental management become accurate • Reducing the risk of evaluation

  7. 3.Soil and Ground Water Treatment • There are a lot of pollutants in the soil and ground water, and the most of research is about enzyme for treatment. However, it usually took a lot of time to decompose the pollutants such as TCE in the soil and ground water. • Tool: promoter Do together!! Hybrid Enzyme Starvation Signal Do Fast!! mutation Don’t die so soon! ok!

  8. 4.Molecular Nanotechnology • Nano = 1 x 10-9= Very Small. We can use this “function” to treat a lot of pollution problems. • Acid Rain and Smog Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are the main cause of acid rain and smog. • Tools: • nano-desulfurizer can be sent up to the atmosphere to capture SO2 gas,and reduce it to sulfur and precipitate to earth surface as dust. • nano-catalytic-converter can also be sent up into atmosphere to converter NOx into nitrogen and oxygen.

  9. Global Warming The reason of global warming is from greenhouse effect gas - CO2 • Tool: nano- photosynthesizer , it can extract those excess CO2 from atmosphere H2O sun CO2 Earth None-photosynthesizer

  10. 5.Green Technology • Transgenic Technology • Tool: phytases The ” transgenic pigs” is one of famous case of transgenic technology. There are special phytases in there transgenic pigs’ saliva, which can help those pigs to decompose the phosphate in the feeds when they eat. By this process, we can reduce the phosphate contents of swine wastes and pollutants about 75% in our environment.

  11. 5.Green Technology • Green Energy Tool: anaerobic digestion Green energy is a term describing what is thought to be environmentally or friendly sources of power and energy. Typically, this refers to renewable and non-pollutingenergy sources. • Example: Fuel in Auto CO2 Corn ethanol sludge methane anaerobic digestion

  12. 5.Green Technology • Green Production To reduce the cost of environmental pollution treatment is the best economic way for the business. Due to the reason , green production will help the business not only for earn the money but also can reduce the pollution. • Tool: Bacillus Thuringiensis(BT) For example : Bt-corn, type of genetically modified organism(GMO),is using for genetic traits to provide protection from pests, tolerance to pesticides, or improve its quality now.

  13. 5.Green Technology • Corn borers may eat a toxic dose of Cryproteins in just a few bites from a Bt cornleaf

  14. 6.Examination Responsibility of Environment Disputes • What is the DNA fingerprinting? Different types of DNA fragmentary will have different sizes and numbers after the restriction enzyme suitably cut. Then, it will form a map after one of the DNA fragmentary did the electrophoresis treatment. We call this kind of map is DNA fingerprinting

  15. 6.Examination Responsibility of Environment Disputes • Tool: DNA fingerprinting • The DNA fingerprinting technology can effectively exanimate DNA from what kind of organisms without any dispute. Therefore, we can use the DNA fingerprinting for: 1. The source of pollutant. 2. The judgment of environment disputes.

  16. Conclusion • Molecular biotechnology is a powerful tool can apply all environmental region. • By combining different regions of technology , it will become a more useful tool for the treatment process of the pollutant in the future. For example, chemistry and biotechnology combining with nanotechnology , it will become nanotoxiology.

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