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Perspectives in Yoga

Perspectives in Yoga

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Perspectives in Yoga

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  1. Perspectives in Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program

  2. Perspectives in Yoga - Introduction Our intention is to cultivate your passion for yoga and foster your ability to prepare thoughtful and creative yoga programming.    Our Instructors are trained and experienced in a broad spectrum of health and wellness specialties including; yoga, fitness, sports, rehabilitation, mindfulness, meditation and therapy.  This expansive knowledge base creates a dynamic space for learning and broadening your comprehension of yoga, it’s traditions and it’s applications within the health and wellness industry. At Main Fitness we believe in teaching beyond the textbook and bringing the body and mind alive with hands on in depth education.  Throughout the program students are exposed to numerous specialty areas within yoga to encourage out of the box thinking.  Our graduates are classroom ready and able to bring their teaching skills immediately into the yoga studio or classroom. Through the experience and integrity of our instructors and our creative and vibrant 200 hour YTT program we hope to inspire a life long love of yoga and learning. Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  3. Instructors Charlene Sullivan is a passionate student and teacher of movement therapy and nutrition as it pertains to whole human health and lifestyle. Amongst her many certifications she is Yoga Alliance certified, and is a Medical Exercise Specialist certified by the American Academy of Rehabilitation Specialists. Her mentors and teachers include Yin Yoga expert Paul Grilley and Anatomy Trains founder, Tom Myers. Charlene has found inspiration and insights that continue to fuel her thirst for knowledge through her 30 years of teaching and training clients ranging from professional athletes to those with physical disabilities. As a lecturer and trainer Charlene has spoken at a wide variety of educational institutions including the University of Toronto, York University, the TDSB and at Fitness Conferences throughout North America. One of her greatest teachers is her daughter, Davis. Gudrun Hardesis a dedicated student and teacher of yoga and fitness. Her teaching career began 30 years ago and she has travelled the world teaching and learning. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for 15 years and is certified in AshtangaVinyasa Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. Gudrun’s creative and inspiring lessons also draws upon her studies in Anusura Yoga which she has done with Michael Siddall. Gudrun is a co-owner of Main Fitness, own’s WSUP and also teaches SUP Yoga, and Spin. She is very proud of the YTT Program at Main Fitness and believes it has produced amazing teachers. Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  4. Instructors Kate Marshall Flaherty is trained in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy. She teaches World Religions at Scarboro Missions, and is passionate about the history, philosophy and sacred texts of the Yoga Tradition. Her specialty is the seven major chakras and their relation to the elements, endocrine systems, stages of life and physical and spiritual journey. Katie has guided Meditations in all traditions for decades, at The University of Toronto and various institutions, and has several Meditation CDs. She brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the unique Main Fitness the Yoga Teacher Training Program. KarusiaNirmalaWroblewskihas been an avid student of Yoga for over 45 years, and has been teaching for 20. She started with asana, and was introduced into the inner practices of meditation, philosophy, pranayama and chanting by her guru Baba HariDass in 1998. In particular, she delights in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a text which offers a timeless view into the human mind and cognitive behaviour. At Main Street Fitness, Karusia shares the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, and makes them come alive for modern seekers. Her students experience first hand how the mind, breath and physical body flow together to cultivate the deep and lasting inner transformation that classical Yoga offers. In addition to teaching, and writing curriculum for Yoga Training Programs, Karusia is also a Yoga Therapist. In her spare time, she grooms and massages horses, and is an accomplished belly dancer and Tarot reader! Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  5. Module Instructors AntonietteFinellihas been a Montessori teacher for half of her life. Teaching and sharing comes naturally to her, as well as her keen sense of group dynamics. Antoniette has been blessed to have taken retreats with both ThichNhaut Han and the Dalia Lama. Being in the presence of both these spiritual teachers has given Antoniette depth and understanding of the human condition that really influence her yoga teaching style. Her certifications include, Flow Yoga Certification, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Thai Massage Practitioner, Reiki Level 1 and Certified Kids Yoga Teacher. KimchanRamrattangraduated from the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program at George Brown College, is a pre-eminent expert in the field of fitness, coaches and trains multi-sport athletes, instructs individuals and corporate groups on the importance of wellness. Dedicating his work to to improving the lifestyle and physicality of his clients He has a certified expertise in Kundalini yoga, Crossfit, crossfit kids, gymnastics, kettlebell level 2 and is an NSCA-Personal Trainer. Michael Siddallwas the first Certified Anusara teacher in Toronto and he has been studying and teaching Yoga for the past 23 years. He also has an International Iyengar Yoga certification and is trained in Yoga Therapy.His teaching style is infused with grace, humor, and alignment. Michael is grateful for the wisdom he has received from his teachers B.K.S. Iyengar, GeetaIyengar, and PrasantIyengar of Pune, India. B.N.S. Iyengar of Mysore, India. MahyarRaz, Marlene Mawhinney, Mira Mehta, Ramanand Patel, Ron Reid, Derek and Radha, Paul Harvey, Mark Whitwell and other senior teachers in Canada, the United States and Europe."To be a wonderful Teacher one must be a great student” Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  6. Course Curriculum Summary Gudrun – Asana, Composing Classes, Assisting and Adjusting, Therapy Ball Module Charlene – Anatomy of Yoga, Yin Yoga Module, Breathing Beyond Yoga Module Katie - History of Yoga,Pranayama, Meditation, Nadis, Mantras, Chakras – Reflection paper due during course Karusia – Yoga Philosophy, Chanting, Meditation, Mantras, Kryias – Reflection paper due during course Kimchan – Kundalini Yoga Module Anonietta – Thai Yoga Massage Module Michael – Inversions Module Hours and Requirements 140 Hours of in class lectures and hands on training 40 Hours of yoga classes (free at Main Fitness during your program. These should be recorded and signed off on by your teacher) 15 Hours of observing and assisting in yoga classes 10 hours contact hours (teaching each other while supervised) Teaching 3 Karma classes Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  7. Feedback From our Students “Every teacher has amazing knowledge and experiences to share…Yoga has taught me to accept myself just as I am, love my body and appreciate what it does…my YTT has allowed me to begin teaching a yoga class on a weekly basis. I also run a yoga and culinary retreat in Mexico”. - Andrea; Food & Nutrition Expert, Media Personality, Yoga Instructor “This unique extended YTT program allowed me to absorb the content…my own practice is thriving… The big surprise for me was the spiritual journey. Learning more about gratitude and happiness, and accepting things as they are”. Alex; Health and Fitness Expert, Spin Instructor, Personal Trainer, Father of 2 “Taking a YYT program was on my bucket list …from a personal development standpoint (it) had a very positive effect. I am very nervous speaking in front of people and the program provided a safe and supportive environment…It was a way of facing my fears” Zoa; CMA, Children’s Author, World Traveler “I came to the YTT at Main Fitness to improve my own practice and to learn more about yoga. Eight months later I know I want to teach yoga. All thanks to the great teachers” Darko; Technical Architect, Designer, Competitive Cyclist, Fitness Instructor Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  8. Suggested Reading • In Preparation for the Course you may wish to read some of the following texts: • The Bhagavad Gita • The Thinking Body by Mabel Todd.     • Yin yoga by Paul Grilley. • Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by H. David Coulter • • During the Course you may wish to delve further into the following texts: • Eastern Body,  Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System.- AnodeaJudith • Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes – Mark Stephens • The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  9. Dates and Rates Dates Perspectives in Yoga, 200hr YTT runs from November 2014 – June 2015. Dates are being finalized but you can anticipate approximately 5 lectures per month (Fridays evenings, Saturdays and Sundays). This unique approach to the duration of the program allows our students to fully integrate their practical education with their theory, history and philosophy. Our students are class room ready upon graduation and are confident to take their knowledge into the studio and beyond the limits of traditional yoga instruction. Lectures are held at Main Fitness and at the beautiful Scarboro Mission on Kingston Road. You can begin your 40 hours of yoga classes immediately upon acceptance into the program to get you started. Please record your hours and have a teacher sign off on them. Rates Main Fitness offers a monthly payment option as well as their one time fee. 12 payments of $192 + hst per month for 12 months $2300 + hst . First payment is due upon acceptance into the program Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness

  10. The Next Step Open House Main Fitness is excited to host an information session on our program where you will have the opportunity to meet instructors, see the facility and speak to some of our graduates. This event will take place in October – please let us know if you are interested in attending and we will add you to the mailing list! Application Process To receive an application for the fall program please stop by or email us. Main Fitness138 Main St.Toronto, ON, Canada M4E Many thanks for your interest. Perspectives in Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Main Fitness