welcome to specialised services of laser cutting n.
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Specialised Services of Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting PowerPoint Presentation
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Specialised Services of Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

Specialised Services of Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

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Specialised Services of Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

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  1. Welcome to Specialised Services of Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

  2. About Plasma Cut • Plasma Cut forms part of AFMETCO Group and specialises in metal fabrication services. • The company was established in 1986 to supply stainless steel sheets and all associated products in South Africa. • The services of the company include laser cutting, high definition plasma cutting and guillotine cutting services. • They also offer rolling, machining and bending for bars, channels, flanges and plates.

  3. Services: Laser Cutting Plasma Cut has the most technologically advanced in-house machineryfor laser cutting. The company offers laser cutting services of metal plates which are up to 6 metres in length. Their laser cutting services include both Stainless Steel and Mild Steel plates of various thicknesses, ranging from 0.50 mm to 25 mm.

  4. Services: Plasma Cutting Plasma Cut provides plasma cutting services with two plasma cutters. One is the high-definition plasma cutter, which consists of a twelve metre bed and the other is an oxy-fuelled burny plasma cutter. These cutters assist in achieving a smooth finish.

  5. Services: Guillotine Cutting Plasma Cut provides guillotine cutting services, in which they slit plates of up to 3 metres in width and 0.90 to 12 mm in thickness. The company has the levelling machine as well, to straighten the flat bars after guillotining

  6. Services: Chamfering Plasma Cut also provides chamfering services, which is a process of preparing a bevel, groove or furrow on either edge of material. It gives a smooth refined finish to the metal. At Plasma Cut, the professionals use this technique to prepare sheets for welding.

  7. Products: Flanges Plasma Cut offers standard as well as customised sizes of flanges that are forged, cut or machined from a steel disc. The different sizes serve various purposes and vary in strength.

  8. Products: Cut to Size Plates Plasma Cut offers cut to size sheets and plates of high-quality. They use state-of-the-art machinery and methods to cut steel sheets in a diverse range of sizes, as per the requirements of the customers.

  9. Partners of Plasma Cut

  10. Contact Plasma Cut (Pty) Ltd,331 Dame Street, Extension 3Wadeville, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa 1422 (011) 902 5550 / 5578 082 490 0406 E-mail: