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  1. Workflow Automatic messaging based on business conditions

  2. Workflow Introduction What is Workflow? • A mechanism to detect specific pre-defined business conditions within the STRATIX Business Operations and to inform/warn/alert appropriate individuals within the Organization How Does it Work? • When a pre-defined business conditions is detected, a work flow informational messages is sent out about the event to one or more individuals. Benefits • Immediate communication of event • Eliminates phone calls or exception reports • Allows issue to be resolved immediately • Provides an on-line list of events to address

  3. Parameter Setup Organization Level Organization Function Pre-Loaded in STRATIX Corporate System Administrator Organizational Functions Organizational Functions Branch Sales Manager Warehouse Receipt Office Transaction Inside Salesperson External Bank Site Configured Organization Level Organization Function Branch/Whs Recipient Organizational Functions Assignments Organizational Functions Branch Sales Manager CHI kathyh Warehouse Receipt Office CHI billm Site Configured Business Condition Receipt Type Recipient Business Condition Assignment Organizational Functions Warehouse Receipt Update Completion Org Function Receipt Office

  4. Warehouse Organizational Functions Functions Available • The following provides an example of the organizational functions pre-loaded & available in STRATIX to direct workflow messages to. Warehouse Organization Function Direct Shipment Administrator Inventory Control Warehouse Miscellaneous 1 Warehouse Miscellaneous 2 Warehouse Miscellaneous 3 Production Office Receiving Receipt Verifier Warehouse Receiving Replenishment Planning & Scheduling Shipping Manager System Support Test Certificate Viewer Warehouse Manager

  5. Organization Function Assignments • Flexible Configuration • Associates the Organization Functions to Designated Recipients • Recipient Types: • L-STRATIX Login ID (these go to the Workflow Message Queue) • E-Email Address • Same STRATIX User ID can be configured against multiple Organization Functions Organization Level Organization Function Branch/Whs Recipient Branch Sales Manager CHI kathyh Warehouse Receipt Office CHI billm

  6. Workflow Business Conditions Sent with STRATIX Software • Identifies each Workflow Business Condition monitored in STRATIX • The severity levels cannot be changed • Example: Sales Order on Credit Hold • Contains a Message Severity Level: • E-Error/Alert • W-Warning • N-Notification

  7. Business Condition Assignments • Flexible Configuration • Associates Business Conditions to Designated Recipients • Recipient Types: • W-Workflow Organization Function • L-STRATIX Login ID • E-Email Address • I-Initiator of Business Condition Event • Multiple Recipients can be notified per Business Condition Event

  8. Workflow Message Routing Optional Feature • Redirects Workflow Messages to another recipient if initial intended recipient unavailable temporarily Example: • If intended recipient is on vacation

  9. Workflow Message Queue • Similar to an email message “Inbox” • Dedicated to each STRATIX User ID • Initiated seamlessly when logging on to STRATIX • Displays Taskbar Icon on desktop whenever new Messages received • Taskbar Icon color-coded based on Message Severity Level • Automatic Refresh every 5 min for any new messages • A user can only view their own messages • Purged messages cannot be restored • Read messages are purged after 48 hours • Re-Sort columns by clicking on the appropriate column • Message appears in User Language