our long handled lotion applicator with n.
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Long Handled Lotion Applicator

Long Handled Lotion Applicator

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Long Handled Lotion Applicator

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  1. Our Long Handled Lotion Applicator with a replaceable sponge is designed to assist people to apply a variety of lotions, oils and creams onto hard to reach areas such as the back and lower legs. The handle is specially designed and ribbed, making it exceedingly easy to grasp & control, and the neck is angled and can be manually rotated to ensure it can reach even the most difficult areas.

  2. Long Handle Foot Lotion Applicators Are you facing difficulty in bending down in applying lotion or oil to your foot? Order long handle foot lotion applicators from Foot Ease Applicator and see the difference. It doesn’t matter for whatever reasons you are having difficulty reaching your feet to apply the medication – be it arthritis or obesity – you can take advantage of our specially designed adjustable long handle foot lotion applicator.

  3. Foot Care applicator Now it is easy to take care of your injured foot with the specially designed adjustable long handle foot lotion applicator from foot ease applicator. Giving your arm an extension our long handle foot lotion applicator will reach to almost any difficult areas of your body including lower neck, back, and all the main surfaces of your foot. Foot care is now easy!

  4. Apply Lotion To Feet Do you face difficulties while applying lotion to your feet because of your chronic arthritis? Don’t worry! Foot Ease Applicator is here to help! Now you can easily apply lotion to feet with our specially designed long handle foot lotion applicator. As adjustable as it can get our long handle foot lotion applicator can reach almost any difficult to reach areas.

  5. Callus Pad Is your chronic arthritis or back pain stopping you from reaching the areas that needed to be treated right away? If yes, then you better take advantage of Foot Ease Applicator’s long handle foot lotion applicator that is available with replaceable Callus pad. Now it’s easy to treat painful calluses without stressing your body much.

  6. Contact Us:- Foot Ease Applicator14965 Old Saint Augustine Road #108Jacksonville, FL 32258 Telephone:(904) 536-6787