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Best Skin Clinic in Pune PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Skin Clinic in Pune

Best Skin Clinic in Pune

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Best Skin Clinic in Pune

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  1. Skin Clinic in Pune Welcome to Poison Anti Aging Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

  2. ABOUT US Poison Anti Ageing skin clinic Pvt. Ltd., a name which is coming out very widely in skin treatment across the globe. Since its inception, it has been helping people look more beautiful and solve their skin problems.As the name suggest, it is poison for ageing and help people come out of their age. Allow us to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in this field, with our clinics at BHOPAL/INDORE/PUNE/MUMBAI/RAIPUR etc.Assisted by team of experts and professionals, it has already embarked a new beginning in the arena and has become on the choicest things.Be it any occasion or just a normal routine, we are there to help you. Already accumulated a list of reputed clients whose satisfaction is drawing us to reach new heights everyday.We wish you to on board and feel the difference.

  3. ABOUT POISON Poison skin clinic is being introduced to help guide people towards the finest methods to rejuvenate the self and soul and has been crafted to deliver overall beautiful. Using FDA approved advanced technology; the poison clinic specializes in total body aesthetic Poison Skin Clinic is headed by Dr. Abhinit Gupta, GCTA-Australia, a renowned dermatologist, cosmetologist and trichologist.

  4. OUR TREATMENTS SERVICES Body Treatment Hair Treatment Skin Treatment Beauty Treatment International Treatment


  6. Get the best Botox and Fillers in Pune Botox & Fillers in Pune: When you check out the Botox & Fillers in Pune,, you would be able to get the best possible treatment Confused between Botox & Fillers in Pune? Which one to choose? While Botox is a muscle relaxant, fillers help in filling up the loose areas. While botox will prevent the skin muscles to be pushed against each other, fillers will fill in the gaps. So, depending upon what kind of treatment you want, you can go for either of them. With old age, one cannot avoid wrinkles. So, if you are suffering from wrinkles, it would be best to go for injectable fillers. If you have more number of creases, you might have to go for thicker fillers. Read More...


  8. Skin lightening treatment in Pune Different Types of Lightening Treatment for Enhancing Skin Tone All the people especially women would like to have light skin and they try using a lot of lightening products to make the skin very soft and light. Skin lightening treatment in Pune is very famous because they follow excellent procedures to remove acne scars, lighten the underarm area, remove the sun spots wherever found, and many others. If you want to have light skin, make sure that you follow some treatments such as bleaching cream, chemical peel, and laser resurfacing. When you use bleaching cream, it is possible to remove pigmentation completely. You must be very careful in choosing the creams because maximum number of creamy products available in the market contains harsh chemicals that may directly or indirectly affect the skin. Sometimes, the cream will be very effective that it may peel off the outer layer of the skin leading to further infections. Read More..

  9. Skin Clinic In PuneLaser Hair Removal Working of laser hair removalLaser hair removal is entirely different from removing hair using electrolysis. Laser emits a mild beam of light that get transformed into heat which disable the skin of the hair follicle. However electrolysis process is a painful method which can be done at regular intervals every single follicle at a time. Laser hair removal is quick process which removes hundreds of hairs at a single time. Laser hair removal for everyoneThis technique is designed to treat all the skin types with the Coolglide technology. Earlier people who are dark skinned could not get desired results from laser hair treatment. But now this technology uses rays of longer wavelength that respond to all skin types without any side effects. Time required for laser hair removalLaser hair removal treatment time varies from person’s skin, hairs texture, color etc. Even there is approximation which tells how much time laser hair removal requires for different body parts such as legs and back in 1- 3 hrs, shoulders in 10-20 minutes, bikini line in 8-10 minutes etc. It requires 2 to 4 treatments. Removal sessions of hair by laser are repeatedThere is a particular stage of hair growth i.e. Anagen stage where laser hair removal works best on it. One time laser hair treatment is good but to get the best results treatment should be given at the anagen stage. Read More..

  10. POiSON Results

  11. Contact Us Poison Anti Aging Clinic Skin Clinic In Pune Poison Pune (Pimple Saudagar) No.509, Rainbow PlazaNear Shivar Garden Pimple SaudagarPune -27 (Maharashtra)Ph.: 020 4677 1514Mob.: +91 99236 33725Mob.: +91 90493 Poison Pune (Koregaon Park)Flat no. 3 Gupta House In front of Hotel "O"Koregaon ParkPune - 411001