imam sadiq as and jaber ibn hayyan part iii n.
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Imam Sadiq (as) and Jaber Ibn Hayyan (Part III) PowerPoint Presentation
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Imam Sadiq (as) and Jaber Ibn Hayyan (Part III)

Imam Sadiq (as) and Jaber Ibn Hayyan (Part III)

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Imam Sadiq (as) and Jaber Ibn Hayyan (Part III)

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  1. Imam Sadiq (as) andJaberIbnHayyan(Part III) Imam JafarSadiq (as) Reference: The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher, Jafar As-Sadiq

  2. Kaaba • Jaber asked: “What is more important: Kaaba as the Qibla of Muslims or Kaaba as a place of pilgrimage and Hajj?” • Imam replied: “Kaaba is more important as the Qibla and the spiritual centre of Muslims.” • “A large number of Muslims, for different reasons, cannot go there, but all of them turn towards it during their prayers 5 times a day and their calls of Allahu Akbar resound in the Kaaba.” • “No religion in the world ever had nor ever will have such a sunique spiritual centre as the Kaaba, which is the Qibla of the Muslims.”

  3. Suicide • Jaber asked: Why do some people commit suicide?” • Imam said: “Those who commit suicide have no religious convictions. A religious person would never commit suicide.” • “Every living being has a strong desire to stay alive. The desire to live becomes weak in some, who are not religious due to the following reason:

  4. Laziness • A lazy person does not work and faces disappointments. • When a man finds himself helpless he commits suicide. • O Jaber, man is lazy by nature and does not want to work. • This is the beauty of Islam that it does not let a Muslim become lazy. • Every morning sleep is sweet, but his religious duty forces a Muslim to get up before sunrise for fajr. • After fajr he starts work. In the same way other prayers also do not let him become lazy.

  5. Gambling • When a man loses his fortune in a short period of time, he becomes desperate and commits suicide. • This is why gambling is haram in Islam.

  6. Insanity • In many cases it is genetic. • Ancestors of persons who suffer from genetic insanity must have been alcoholics. • This kind of insanity is not among Muslims. • Since they do not drink alcohol they do not suffer from genetic insanity. • Children of those persons, who take liquor may suffer from two kinds of chronic diseases- genetic insanity and Parkinson’s disease. • These diseases are very common in countries where alocholic drinks are popular. • Genetic insanity weakens the will to live. • A person gets so sick that he becomes hostile to himself and commits suicide.

  7. Constant failure • Another cause of suicide is constant failure in life. • But those who have strong faith in Allah and trust His help and guidance never give up hope and kill themselves.”

  8. Why follow the fiqh of Imam Sadiq? • Direct knowledge from the Holy Prophet as he was from the Prophets progeny. • Abu Hanifa was the student of Imam Sadiq. • Maliki was also the student of Imam Sadiq. • Shafi was the student of Maliki. • Hambali was the student of Shafi. • Referring to the two years that Abu Hanifa spent learning fiqh from Imam Sadiq, Abu Hanifa said: “Were it not for the two years, al-Numan (Abu Hanifa) would have perished.”