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NV Energy Community Roundtable PowerPoint Presentation
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NV Energy Community Roundtable

NV Energy Community Roundtable

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NV Energy Community Roundtable

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  1. NV EnergyCommunity Roundtable Carson City, NV March 28, 2011

  2. A Glimpse Into Your Energy Future Mary Simmons Vice President External Strategy

  3. Safe, Reliable Energy at Reasonable Prices • Three part strategy for resource portfolio • Energy efficiency and conservation • Renewable energy • Transmission and efficient generation • Operating efficiencies and effectiveness

  4. Pricing History Change in strategy and policy since 2004 Steady decreases since January 2009 Rates now comparable to 2004/05 prices Regional comparison

  5. Future Strategies One Nevada transmission line (ON Line) NV Energize

  6. One Nevada Transmission Line (ON Line) Joint project between NV Energy and Great Basin Transmission 235 mile, 500 kv transmission line connecting northern and southern Nevada Estimated cost - $510 million Expected in service - 2012

  7. ON Line Benefits Provides access to isolated renewable energy resources Enables development of renewable energy projects throughout the State Enhances energy sharing efficiencies for NV Energy power generation resources

  8. Providing Nevada Jobs and Local Opportunities • 400 workers employed at peak construction • Transmission line crews • Substation construction workers • Communications • Inspection and environmental compliance

  9. NVEnergize Brian Costello Regional Operations Director

  10. Creating an Energy Smart Future NV Energy awarded $138 million grant by U.S. Department of Energy to implement a smart grid/smart meter project We’re calling the project NVEnergize Total project cost = $300 million Improve energy infrastructure, upgrade company operations, and enhance customer service capability

  11. NVEnergize Basics Installation of digital meters Two-way communications equipment Smart Grid Technology Expanded customer service and program choices

  12. Meters are Accurate • Three tests confirm this • Manufacturer tests all meters • NV Energy tests sample meters • University of Nevada, Reno conducted independent lab tests • NV Energy will read meters manually and remotely for a period of time

  13. Other NVEnergize Benefits Operational savings Better management of energy supply needs Security controls are among best in industry

  14. Installation Schedule Began testing and installing meters in southern Nevada in September 2010 More than 100,000 meters deployed Meter installation in northern Nevada to begin in December 2011 Approximately 1.4 million meters installed throughout Nevada by end of 2012

  15. NV Energy’s Renewable Energy Program Jack McGinley Director of Regulatory and Legislative Strategy

  16. Renewable Resource Portfolio • Geothermal • Mainstay – began in 1986 • Portfolio growing • Solar • Large and small scale PV • Thermal plants • Wind • Projects in northern and eastern NV • Other • Biomass, hydro and heat recovery

  17. Status of Renewable Portfolio

  18. Renewables Portfolio44 Projects Total over 1,240 MW

  19. Examples of Recent Renewable Projects Waste heat recovery Solar thermal Integrated solar combined cycle Solar photovoltaics (PV)

  20. Acciona’s 64 MW Nevada Solar One Concentrating Solar Power Plant(Located in Boulder City)

  21. Renewable Generations John Hargrove Energy Efficiency Program Manager

  22. Program History 2003 – Nevada State legislation encourages NV Energy customers to install solar photovoltaic systems 2004 – Solar Generations program launched 2007 – Solar program made permanent, nearly doubling size from 1,900 kw to 3,760 kw and adding hydro and wind New – Solar Hot Water incentive program

  23. Current Results • Renewable Generations has reached the milestone of 10 megawatts of customer generation installed • 10 megawatts = electricity use of 1,743 average American homes • Environmental impact = reduced CO2 emissions equivalent to 1,615,666 gallons of car gasoline • Over $40.5 million in rebates paid

  24. Renewable Generations • Solar Generations • Over 26 mw of solar PV pending installation in 2011 • Solar Hot Water Incentives • Rebates to small businesses, schools and public buildings • Solar incentive program under review by Nevada State Legislature and may open again for applications in 2011

  25. SolarGenerations • CCSD West Career & Technical Academy • System: 48.404 kW • Location: Las Vegas, NV

  26. Wind Generations Currently a demonstration program and being reviewed by the Nevada State Legislature. May open again for applications in 2011 Over 11 mw of wind projects pending installation in 2011 The Wind Generations program is closed and all available capacity is reserved

  27. WindGenerations • Largest WindGenerations Project Washoe Valley • Size: 25 kW • Rebate: $75,000

  28. Hydro Generations 595 kw in agricultural hydro projects pending installation in 2011 Hydro Generations incentive program currently open to agricultural customers and accepting applications Hydro Generations currently being reviewed by the Nevada State Legislature and may open again for applications in 2011

  29. Hydro Generations HydroGenerations 1st Complete Project Young Brothers Ranch - Austin, NV Size: 93 kW Hydro System Rebate: $232,500 Rebate

  30. Demonstration Trailers • New Demonstrations Trailers • Demonstration trailers include solar and wind generating systems and will be used at community events throughout the state to demonstrate renewable energy options and to promote the availability and success of NV Energy’s RenewableGenerations incentive program.

  31. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Tim Kiersz Energy Education Team Leader

  32. Lower Your Bill – Improve the Environment • Top energy users in home: • Air conditioner/electric heat • Spas • Water heater • Large appliances • Lights

  33. Residential Programs • ENERGY STAR Lighting • Direct incentives to customers • Refrigerator Recycling • $30 to recycle old refrigerators in working condition • Comfort Savings • Free weatherization program for income qualified families

  34. Commercial Programs • Commercial Incentive Program • Offers incentives to businesses in the following areas: • Commercial, industrial and institutional customer projects in existing buildings • Agricultural irrigation • New construction projects • Schools

  35. Conservation Program Contact Information • NV • 775-834-0810 The most environmentally friendly kilowatt is the one never used

  36. Electric Vehicle Technology Travis Johnson Electric Transportation Program Manager

  37. Does a Plug-in Electric Vehicle Make a Difference? • Energy for internal combustion engines and hybrids comes from gasoline • Plug-in electric vehicles get their energy from the electric grid which uses no petroleum in Nevada • Plugging in results in lower overall emissions and uses domestically produced, lower cost energy

  38. Where Does U.S. Electrical Energy Come From? • NV Energy uses roughly: • 65% to 70% natural gas • 20% coal • Renewables

  39. What About Power Plant Emissions? Driving an electric vehicle reduces C02 emissions by roughly 50% Urban air quality improves because emissions are lower and further removed from population centers.

  40. How Many Electric Cars Can our Power Grid Handle? If NV Energy customers plug their electric cars in at night, the electric grid can handle over 1,000,000 vehicles without significant infrastructure improvements

  41. Will Electric Cars be Available and Affordable? All major auto makers are now making electric vehicles There are at least 15 models coming by 2012/2013 Battery prices are falling and EV cost should be competitive with gasoline powered cars in just a few years without tax credits

  42. How Far Can They Go? Battery Electric (BEV) • 73 to 100 mile range per charge • Does not use gasoline • Good for average commuter • Very low maintenance • Extended Range EV • 40 mi. electric, then 300 mi. gas • Gas extends range beyond 40 mi. • Best for long commutes • Typical maintenance (oil, filter, etc.)

  43. How Much Will My Power Bill Increase? Vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV, and the Chevy Volt can drive roughly 3 miles per kWh. Driving 1,000 miles per month would use 333 kWh which currently costs approximately $37 ($25 with the EV TOU rate) A 25 MPG car using $3 gas costs $120 for 1,000 miles

  44. How Long Will the Battery Last? • Nissan and GM offer an 8-year, 100,000 warranty for the battery on the Leaf and Volt. • Most common battery replacement will be on a cell level • A few cells may require replacement, not the entire pack.

  45. Economic Development Brad Woodring Economic Development Manager

  46. Leaders in Nevada’s Economic Recovery Promote local, regional, and state economic development Aggressively recruit companies to Nevada Collaborate with partners in strategic planning efforts Develop and maintain information and databases for potential clients

  47. Nurture Relationships that Promote Nevada Create and maintain relationships with decision makers of major corporations, professional site selectors, corporate asset managers, and commercial brokers Participate in professional site selection organizations Attend industry conferences and trade shows

  48. Recruiting New Business Develop leads with site selectors and company contacts Utilize lead generation organizations and databases Recruiting trips to specific markets Target companies with Nevada industry sectors

  49. Partnering to Attract, Expand, Retain, and Grow Business Nevada Commission on Economic Development (NCED) Local economic development authorities City Councils and County Commissions University and community college systems Nevadaworks and Job Connect