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ENPS Techno-Push 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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ENPS Techno-Push 2008

ENPS Techno-Push 2008

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ENPS Techno-Push 2008

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  1. ENPS Techno-Push 2008

  2. Logo We had the choice between a lizard logo which we would have called the green geckos or two people holding a love heart between their hands. We choose the one with the lizards.

  3. The designing processes • We looked at the differences between different types of carts – Push carts, Billy carts and Go-carts. • We examined the different parts and requirements of the carts for the competition and discussed the things we wanted and needed to have on our cart. • Our class built small models of carts from Lego. We found it was tricky to meet all the requirements of the challenge using Lego. • We broke into groups and drew designs for the cart. These were presented to the class, who voted on their favourite design and made suggestions for improvement. Each team had the final decision as to which design was used. • We began collecting materials from the side of the road and from our garages so we could begin to construct the cart. Construction began and so did the problems. We had to overcome many problems such as: • Axles being too thin and bending • The brakes not fitting, • The wheels wobbling, • Bolts being too short, • Welding not able to be done on some metals, • Some students not being tall enough to reach the pedals, • And many more problems • There were a lot of lunch time sessions and weekend efforts by parents and our teacher. • We tested, changed, dismantled, reassembled and continued practicing. We ran into a couple of things like walls and fixed seating and discovered that our cart is quite strong. Finally we finished and we are proud of our cart.

  4. Steering Team Breaking Team This is the steering photo; • Hannah Drake, • Henry Lin (Obstructed), • Sam Parkinson, • Pranay Jha and; • Jessica Du. The steering team have constructed a brilliant steering system which fits our pushcart beautifully. This is; • Rodney Wong, • Damian Leung, • Samir Sharma and • James Wraith. The person who is not in the photo is James Gosbel The breaking team have worked hard to construct and improve the brakes on our push-cart after our initial problems.

  5. Wheels and Axles Fitness team This is; • Suvini Suriyarachchi, • Stephanie Lin. Although the other member of this team who is not in the photo Rayhan Mendis. The fitness team have done a great job at giving out the notes and designing a fitness plan. The are also responsible for the money that gets spent on our pushcart and sponsorship money. This is; • Sarah Carr, • Ella Roos, • Jennifer Nam and; • Timothy Cheung. A different member of this team is Tom Russell. Wheels and axles team have the job of designing our axle system and our wheels.

  6. Frame Team Presentation Team This is the frame team • Luke Davey, • Katherine Allen, • Jacqueline Burke, • Eu-Jan Lek, • Alex Job. Below is a photo of Luke Davey. The frame team have supported us brilliantly by building a great supporting frame and push bar. • Cecilia Mak, • Amy Roos, • Amita Rao, • Geoffrey Carman, • Patrick Carfax, • Jacob Sinclair. • The presentation team • are responsible for • everything that needs • to be presented except • for the parts of the push-cart.

  7. . Evaluation Acknowledgements We would like to thank all the following people Mrs Mendis Mr Gallagher Mr Parkinson Mr Bloomfield Mrs Till Mr Allen Mrs Carfax Bendigo Bank Signaway signs The Drivers, Spectators and Supporters And none other than our favourite science teacher, Miss Bennett What we learnt: How to work in a team. Having fun. It’s not as easy as it looks. Everyone can make pushcarts. Not to stuff things up. It’s a new experience I’ve learnt new things about building. How to construct a pushcart. Work with problems. How to make things strong. Hopefully we will win!