the chinese yoyo n.
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The Chinese YoYo PowerPoint Presentation
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The Chinese YoYo

The Chinese YoYo

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The Chinese YoYo

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  1. The Chinese YoYo

  2. A Toy of Many Names… One name for the Chinese Yo-Yo is: “Xiang huang” In Chinese its In English it means: “empty bell”, “pulling bell” and “wind bell” Its European relative is called the “diablo”

  3. What does it look like? What’s it made of? It’s barbell-shaped and hollow It moves on a string Traditionally made out of bamboo and wood Now is made of plastic and a steel rod.

  4. The History Who invented the Chinese Yo-Yo? There is no known inventor. How long has it been around? The Chinese Yo-Yo was first discovered in the Ming Dynasty (1386 – 1644 A.D.)

  5. Why was it used? In ancient times it was used by performers at festivals and in Northern China, as a form of spring recreation and family time. In Modern times, it is used for juggling and ethnic dance. It is used for play, do tricks, and exercise.

  6. How does it work? Unlike a regular yo-yo, it is not attached to a string The player uses two sticks to move it It can be tossed from player to player It can make different sounds depending on how fast it moves

  7. Did You Know? The size of the Chinese yo-yo and the number of holes gives you a different pitch or sound. The Chinese Yo-Yo is the 2nd oldest toy after the doll. There is another toy called a “Chinese yo-yo that has a roll of colored paper and a plastic handle that unwinds when it is flung out.