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Customer Engagement Sustainable Savings, Verifiable Results For Company Name Date PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Engagement Sustainable Savings, Verifiable Results For Company Name Date

Customer Engagement Sustainable Savings, Verifiable Results For Company Name Date

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Customer Engagement Sustainable Savings, Verifiable Results For Company Name Date

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Customer Engagement Sustainable Savings, Verifiable Results For Company Name Date GroundedPower, Inc. Confidential, GroundedPower, 2009

  2. Agenda • Company Positioning • GroundedPower Overview • Mission • Management Team • Approach to Customer Engagement • Solutions • Results To Date • Proposed Approach with NU and UI • Services • Estimated Cost

  3. Engagement Layer-Integrating People and Technology

  4. GroundedPower Overview • Headquartered in Gloucester, MA • Privately financed with latest round oversubscribed • Solutions focus on sustainable, verifiable savings throughmonitoring and customer engagement with patents pending • Multiple pilots in progress showing very positive results • Highly experienced management team

  5. Mission • To help utilities: • achieve substantial, sustainable energy savings, • improve overall communications and customer service, • strengthen utility/customer relations • GroundedPower accomplishes its mission by combining social and active learning techniques with information technology.

  6. Management Team • • Dr. Paul Cole, Founder, CEO, psychologist, software product developer, entrepreneur and business strategist. Built successful teams and products at DEC, Lotus and Vista Associates, and as MIT researcher, focused on using technology to affect organizational and human behavior. • Carl Gustin,Founder, President, 30 years energy industry, senior executive, utility efficiency programs and customer service; senior executive, US DOE • David Rosi,SVP, Marketing & Sales, 25 years executive leadership in the energy industry and high tech in wireless, RF & IP networking and software applications from start-up to Fortune 50 firms. • Mike Bukhin,VP, Engineering, over 15 yearsin software and systems development, among many accomplishments he designed and built a smoking cessation behavior change platform that scaled to millions of users and hundreds of major partners • Rob Faludi, Director, Networkingspecializes in behavioral interactions through physical computing and networked objects. MA in cognitive psychology, MS in interactive communications from NYU. Writing book on ZigBee for O’Reilly media, appears on network news on smart grid.

  7. Options to Achieve Energy Efficiency • A. Information Access Techniques-provide access to energy use data through IHD’s and web portals to provide enhanced knowledge that leads to some level of behavior change. • B. Social Marketing Techniques-presenting consumers energy use data, comparison reports and savings tips with online access to deeper analysis over defined times to create enhanced levels of awareness and action. • C. Social and Active Learning Techniques-provide an interactive energy efficiency environment that enrolls consumers in the efficiency process- real time energy analytics, goal setting, achievements vs. like groups, sharing ideas, constant feedback & support, initiating challenges and rewarding success.

  8. Creating Persistent Behavior Change

  9. GroundedPower Offerings • Interactive Customer Engagement System- iCES • Integrated HAN • In-Home Monitoring Display Unit (MDU) • Zigbee Wireless Network Gateway Unit (NGU) • Power Monitoring Units (PMU’s) • Professional Services & Customer Support • Measurement & Verification

  10. iCES Architecture

  11. iCES Functionality • Committing to energy savings goals and tracking them • Simple, fast and effective home energy audit • Highlighted areas causing the most energy use • Analysis of ongoing consumption vs. personal targets • Comparative assessments vs. a customizable set of like users • Environment for taking action and committing to new habits

  12. iCES Application Functions • Efficiency solutions education • Purchasing efficient energy products • Consistent communications with customizable time intervals • Constant reinforcement for actions and habits including online consultation • Issue savings challenges to neighbors, friends, towns etc. • Leader boards, rewards and points for achievement

  13. iCES-Dashboard powered by GroundedPower Displays real-time consumption vs. similar houses, progress toward goal, savings to date and featured info including announcements, task updates, stories and snapshots.

  14. iCES- Goal Setting powered by GroundedPower

  15. iCES- Goal Review Powered byGroundedPower Goals set at intake, determined as % savings over prior year kWh use, can be customized by user. Ongoing feedback provided on Dashboard, with Daily Use graph showing use vs. goal, and Monthly Summary showing progress vs. goal for the current month

  16. iCES- Home Energy Audit The Energy Audit creates the baseline for determining a consumer’s profile

  17. iCES- Energy Profile Powered byGroundedPower

  18. iCES- Engaging in Action Powered byGroundedPower Choose from hundreds of actions that are continuing to grow

  19. iCES- Customized Content Powered byGroundedPower

  20. iCES- Executing the Plan Powered byGroundedPower The system differentiates habits from actions, habits come with routine remindersand actions are supported by tips. Actions can progress into habits and are rewarded.

  21. iCES- Social Interaction

  22. iCES- Online Efficiency Consultation

  23. iCES- Challenges- Communities Users can compare themselves to multiple groups including similar households, a town or self selecting groups. This allows users to configure their own motivators.

  24. iCES- Challenges- Schools

  25. iCES- Impact of Actions & Rewards Powered byGroundedPower

  26. iCES- Continuous Reinforcement • Users receive personalized emails • at a time interval they choose: • Summary of consumption • Achievement vs. goals • Savings generated to date • Top community performers • Other desired items • Portions of the emails are used • as a communications channel • for the utility:- Allow end users to be notified • about programs, rebates, notices or voluntary DR events

  27. iCES Alerts- Example Demand Response An alert system for special announcements can be included on the homepage, Dashboard, and within scheduled emails. In this case participants can click on a link within an announcement to access a Demand Response info page.

  28. iCES Management Tools- Example Sophisticated reporting and analysis, enables utilities to see how activity through the site results in savings at individual level and collectively in community. Utilities can access reports detailing use of features, activity data etc.

  29. Energy Efficiency Report • Can be combined with iCES to • deliver a mail component to specific market segments. • Savings targets and status • Disaggregated energy analysis • Comparative use vs. select users • Actions to support savings • Utility sponsored programs

  30. Monitoring & Networking Solutions In-Home Monitoring Display Unit- MDU Monitoring Units- PMU’s Wireless NetworkGateway Unit- WGU -Energy monitoring at a glance- Message waiting indicator - Status indicator- DR, TOU, progress vs. goals • Supports data access from any infrastructure using Zigbee protocol • Supports CT clamps • ERT Module for AMR

  31. System Integration

  32. Sample Configurations AMI AMR

  33. Professional Services & Customer Support • GroundedPower provides planning, implementation and ongoing support services as well as program M&V. • For customers seeking a turn-key solution GroundedPower can provide a managed service outsourcing all aspects of the program including planning, implementation, support and savings M&V.

  34. Measurement & Verification • iCES allows for individual user information to be summarized according to groups and in total to provide statistics for regulatory reporting. • We work closely with clients and deliver M&V through the use of independent experts- The Shaw Group and others. We agree on an appropriate baseline and provide the most accurate formula for measurement. • Sample Approach: • GroundedPower would use info collected by the iCES system for each user. • Assess pre-participation consumption with post-participation consumption to compare and contrast this info to a control group using statistical techniques. • The baseline info would consist of weather normalized consumption data for each user. • When available, several years of consumption history for users would be utilized along with demographic differences (residence size, people per household, age etc.). • This information could be coupled with user info in other Efficiency programs to separate within the statistical framework savings already realized from such program participation.

  35. Results to Date • Use Ranges from 2-5 months, average 3 months • Cross-section of users from sophisticated early adopters to novice levels • High level of engagement • 95% filled out profile • Average 2.5-3 logins a week per participant • High Level Early Savings • Range from 8-20%, average across all participants 12%+

  36. Proposed Next Steps

  37. Preliminary Cost Scenarios Application HAN