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Pelco IP Camera Accessories November 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pelco IP Camera Accessories November 2013

Pelco IP Camera Accessories November 2013

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Pelco IP Camera Accessories November 2013

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  1. Pelco IP Camera AccessoriesNovember 2013

  2. Pelco IP Camera Accessories Introducing…

  3. About This Course… To navigate through this course, use the arrows at the bottom of the screen. This course contains audio. This course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Audio

  4. What’s New at Pelco New Accessories for 2013… IP Camera Installation Tool IR and White Light Illuminators General Purpose Enclosures Fortified Enclosures EthernetConnect™ EoC/UTP Transmission PoE Midspan Power Transmission IP Fiber Optic Transmission HD LCD Monitors/Displays

  5. IP Camera Installation Tool

  6. IP Camera Installation Tool Features Portable Tool for IP Camera Setup • Supports: • Sarix Enhanced (IXE and IME Series) version or later • Sarix Professional (IXP, IXB and IME Series) version 3.06 or later • Sarix Value (IL Series) version 1.8.2 or later • and all analog cameras • Features a 3.5-inch color touch screen, zoom and snapshot functions. • Can adjust the field of view and set and test the camera focus. Rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours operating time • Allows network cameras with PoE capability to be powered up and tested

  7. IP Camera Installation Tool > • Simplifies camera settings(angle and zoom) • Check RJ45 wiring • Provides power to IP cameras that are PoE or PoE+ enabled • Local storage of final installation snapshots • Perform feature upgrades via USB > > > >

  8. Use Case

  9. IR / White Light Illuminators

  10. Application and Benefits

  11. Product Features > • Designed for all video security installations • Hot-spot reduction technology • Interchangeable lenses • Illumination up to 220 meters (722 feet) • Optional remote control interface • LED status indicators • White light, semi-covert or covert IR wavelength options > > > > > >

  12. Product Features Holographic Lenses Available in 10, 30, 60, 80, and120 degree dispersion angles

  13. Product Features Hot-Spot Reduction Technology

  14. Product Features Optional Remote Control PHOTOCELL ADJUST To select three different photocell sensitivity levels to accommodate different operational requirements. POWER SELECT Quick and easy selection of 5 accurately defined power settings. Provides exact amount of light required for the screen requirements. TIME SETTINGS The timer function allows the illuminator to be triggered via the telemetry input and remain on for a pre-defined period of time. PHOTO DISABLE Lamp operates from telemetry input only and ignores status of photocell. Timer disable. Selects telemetry input instead of dim function on telemetry wires (default). Selects dimming function instead of telemetry input on telemetry wires. RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS Must be depressed for 4 seconds. DISABLE REMOTE CONTROL SETUP Must be depressed for 4 seconds to lock-in settings and prevent further alterations. LED FEEDBACK SYSTEM Turns status LEDs ON or OFF.

  15. Model Numbers

  16. IP-Ready General Purpose Enclosures

  17. Enclosure Key Features EH14 Model EH16 Model • Megapixel window: 5 MPx • Die-cast aluminum construction • Choose from 24VAC, integrated PoE 802.3at (-8 version) or 230VAC input • -30°C (-22°F) to 60°C (140°F) operating temperature range • IP66, CE, UL, cUL, IK10 • Cost effective • Megapixel window: 2 MPx • PC polycarbonate construction • Choose from 24VAC or 230VAC input • –20°C (–4°F) to 50°C (122°F) operating temperature range • IP66, CE rated

  18. Pelco Fortified Enclosure Systems

  19. Pelco Fortified Enclosures • Fully assembled, camera systems, include the camera, lens, enclosure, mount, power supply, and optional media converters Non-metallic long-life, thermoplastic alloy is impact resistant and protects from acts of vandalism • Complies with UL and CE safety certifications and is IK10 and IP66 rated • Various AC/DC power input with PoE power to camera

  20. High Temperature Model • Ideal for temperature-sensitive box cameras in the world’s hottest climates Active on-board and thermostatically controlled air conditioning • Compatible withall Pelco cameraand lens configurations • Protects Pelco cameras in tough, hot environments or where heat damage can occur Thermally stable and 100% isolated from outside air

  21. Low Temperature Model • The heated interior system protects cameras from the damage of cold temperatures The de‐icing/ defrosting circuitry removes snow and ice • Extends camera life and allows full mobility of auto focusing systems

  22. Humid Environment Model Ensures that the camera's view is not compromised when humidity and temperatures increase Uses a twin-high flow internal blower to prevent internal heat build up • Protects traditional box style cameras and lenses in hot humid conditions

  23. Solar Environments Model • By providing the camera and fortified enclosure in one integrated package, you can be assured the system will perform to specifications • Engineered to protect cameras and lenses within normal environmental conditions when powered by a solar electric system Dual layer foam/foil insulation has been specially engineered and integrated for optimal thermal protection and stability • The most versatile solar application outdoor camera protection system on the market The vandal-tough, lockable casing is designed to protect valuable electronics from vandalism

  24. EthernetConnect™ EoC/UTP Transmission

  25. Ethernet over Coax / UTP Extend Cable Distance

  26. Ethernet Over Coax / UTP Applications Pass-Through or Inject PoE Power

  27. Ethernet over Coax / UTP Line Up EC-1500 Series EC-3000 Series EC-4BY1SWPOE-W • 15 watt pass-through PoE solution from 1 to 16 channels • 30 watt true PoE solution from 1 to 16 channels • Pelco camera and Endura-compatible 4x1 network switch

  28. Specifying EthernetConnect Devices * For non-PoE applications, the EC-4BY1SWPOE-W requires a 12VDC power supply.

  29. EC-1500 EthernetConnect Model Numbers

  30. EC-3000 EthernetConnect Model Numbers Note: The “X” in the part number should be replaced with “C” for coax cable or “U” for UTP

  31. EC-4BY1 and ECPS EthernetConnect Model Numbers

  32. EthernetConnect EthernetConnect: Your coax and UTP highperformance cable extension alternative

  33. PoE Midspan Power Systems

  34. PoE Midspan Models POE1AT POE1XT POE8/16ATN POE4ATN

  35. POE1XT Extender IEEE802.3at Midspan POE1XT 100m/ 328ft IEEE802.3af PoE 33 watts 19 watts 90m / 295ftIEEE802.3at PoE 10m / 33ft (Data) Network Switch PoE Camera

  36. Midspan Model Numbers

  37. IP Fiber Optic and Ethernet Transmission

  38. Ethernet Media Converters VMS Ethernet Media Converters • Convert Ethernet signals to fiber optic • Extends network boundaries beyond the 100 meter limit of Cat5/6 Key Value Propositions • Easy to use, plug-and-play using FSFP • Supports PoE and PoE+ cameras (Ethernet media converters with PoE) • Speeds up to Gigabit (FMCI-PG Series) Fiber Cable 2 to 70 miles Media Converter Media Converter IP Camera

  39. Ethernet Media Converter Model Numbers

  40. Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Unmanaged Switches • Multi-port media converters • Can connect multiple IP devices and transmit information over fiber optic cable Key Value Propositions • Uses interchangeable FSFP modules • Lightning/EMI isolation • Hot swappable rack modules

  41. Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Model Numbers

  42. FSFP Series Transceivers Interchangeable Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceivers FSFP Transceivers • Offer maximum media system flexibility • Allows for an optical or copper interface when using a Pelco unmanaged switch or media converter Key Value Propositions • Designed to operate in extreme temperatures • Offers maximum media system adaptability

  43. HD LCD Monitors/Displays

  44. 500 Series Full HD Backlit LCD Display

  45. Small LCD Solutions

  46. Course Review

  47. Review IP Camera Installation Tool General Purpose Enclosures • Hand-held, battery-powered tool provides power and displays live video. Snapshots from network cameras can be saved to a USB or optional onboard micro SD card. • Includes megapixel-optimized housing window, meets IP66 housing and IK10 standards; supports PoE, internal routing cables, and options for IR. Illuminators Fortified Enclosures • Designed for security applications to provide the optimum lighting for camera systems. Perfect for fixed and PTZ camera installations with Illumination distances up to 220 meters (722 feet). • Designed with thermostatically controlled air conditioning and constructed of long life, thermoplastic alloy. Available in four models.

  48. Review Review EthernetConnect / UTP IP Fiber Transmission • Transmits IP video, data, and power over Coax or UTP. Supports up to 16 channels of 10/100Mbps Ethernet with PoE+ power injection or pass-through PoE over twisted pair cable (Cat5 or above), or over coax. • Converts the Ethernet signal from CAT5e to fiber optic cable. Unmanaged Ethernet switches provide Ethernet transmission over optical fiber. FSFP transceivers allow for an optical or copper interface. PoE Midspan Power Systems HD Monitors • Installation-ready devices provide power options for IP network cameras, enclosures, PTZ systems and other edge devices. Available in an Ethernet extender or power injector for PoE devices. • Backlit monitors provide 1080p resolution in 24-inch to 55-inches. • The small LCD displays are available in 17- and 19-inch displays.

  49. Quiz Instructions An assessment quiz begins on the next slide. Once you have successfully completed the quiz, select the Finish button to close the window.

  50. IP Camera Accessories