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ESTONIA. Kätlin Virgo Vocational Education Centre of Tartu. About Estonia. It´s a small country by the Baltic Sea There are about 1,4 mil people Member of EU and NATO Estonians speak Estonian Our currency is EUR (2011). Estonian prison system.

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  1. ESTONIA KätlinVirgo VocationalEducationCentreof Tartu

  2. About Estonia • It´sa smallcountrybythe Baltic Sea • There are about 1,4 mil people • Memberof EU and NATO • EstoniansspeakEstonian • Ourcurrencyis EUR (2011)

  3. Estonian prisonsystem • There are 4 prisonsin Estonia • On the 12th of September therewere3385inmates • 2 olderprisons are camp-type, partlychamber-type • 2 newerchamber-type

  4. Tartu Prison Viru Prison

  5. Phasesofimprisonment • Receptionphase • Arrivinginprison • Compiling the individual action plan • Main phase • Transfer to the open prison • Releasephase • Probation

  6. EducationinPrison • Basic education • Secondaryeducation • Vocationaleducation • Estonian languagecourses • Hobbyeducation (woodwork, handicraft) • Sports and culturalactivities • Religiousactivities

  7. Employment The working detainees are divided into two: • those who are employed in the internal economic activities in prison – the assistant workers, cleaners, kitchen staff etc; • the detainees employed in productioninstate-owned business association, EestiVanglatööstus (Estonian PrisonFactory).

  8. Socialrehabilitation programmes • AngerManagement • SocialSkillsTraining • AggressivenessReplacementTraining • LifestyleTrainingforOffenders • EQUIP • TrafficSafety Programme • TheRight Moment • Pre-Release Programme • Rehabilitation Programme forSexOffenders

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