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Carpet cleaning Adelaide

Covering all Metropolitan suburbs in Adelaide<br><br>PowerDry Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning.<br>

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Carpet cleaning Adelaide

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  1. 8.00 AM - 8.00 PM 7 Days a Week CALL FOR FREE QUOTE 0422 989 850 B O O K O N L I N E a C A R P E T C L E A N I N G A D E L A I D E Home » Services » Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Getting a clean carpet is what we all aspire for at least once or twice a year; it is a tedious job but ultimately a clean and a glowing carpet is what that takes our breath away. We (Powerdry Steam Carpet Cleaning Adelaide) will make you say WOW, make you feel proud and neighbors envy. It is our e?orts and continuous improvement in our services that give us an edge over the others. The agile and innovative cleansing mechanism restores the look of the used carpets and brings the smile and feeling of rejuvenation and excitement back on the customers face. It is our servitude and devotion at play in our cleaning task that gives outstanding results and that amazing feeling. The mechanism we adopt can overcome the domestic ordeals by getting your carpets rid of all the alien predators that are permeated beneath the carpet fibers and give these precious adornments a dirty look. With our pro?cient and highly skilled team, you are ensured of getting the best results and Quality Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. We have technologically equipped machines and natural cleaning products that ensure you get the healthy and safe cleaning. All our products are safe for your children and pets and you become the most welcoming host in a beautiful and healthy environment of yours.

  2. SPECIAL OFFER 3 Rooms $89* Pre-Inspection Vacuuming Pre-Spray Agitation Steam or Dry Cleaned Speed Drying & Grooming No Hidden Costs 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed C A L L : 0 4 2 2 9 8 9 8 5 0 B O O K O N L I N E Be Smart, be an investor on cleaning and save thousands of dollars in buying new carpet. As the time passes, the ?bers of the carpet begin to get deteriorated. You would be forced to then spend a lot of money on its costly replacement. With the small investment on cleaning will make the ?bers intact, and protect the carpet from getting wear out or torn. With the professional carpet cleaning all the harmful allergens and bacteria are removed, damaged fibers are restored and you get the revitalized look and original appeal of the carpet. Whatever be the quantum of the work and the size of the project, we (PowerDry Carpet Cleaning Adelaide) have sufficient resources to get your job accomplished ON TIME and with the high degree of professionalism. What is so important in carpet cleaning? With our carpet cleaning services, you will get your carpet an original glow, with no dirt left, no scratches or any occlusions. But to achieve this target, we follow a particular cleaning mechanism the decision which we take after analysis on the type of carpet you have. The cleansing mechanism we adopt are: Steam carpet cleaning Dry carpet cleaning These systems are used for maintenance cleaning and restorative cleaning. Maintenance cleaning is adopted when the carpets require deep cleaning while Restorative cleaning is applied on the carpets which have been recently cleaned.

  3. S t e a m C a r p e t C l e a n i n g A d e l a i d e S t e a m C a r p e t C l e a n i n g A d e l a i d e

  4. S P E C I A L O F F E R : 3 R O O M S C A R P E T C L E A N I N G F R O M $ 8 9 * C A L L : 0 4 2 2 9 8 9 G E T A F R E E 8 5 0 Q U O T E With many years of experience in hand we in Adelaide understand the pulse of our client’s needs, and do the steam carpet cleaning in a way that very little or virtually no detergent residue is left on your carpet. It is a fair play of technology and skill in Steam cleaning that speaks of the quality and standardized cleaning that we provide. In the steam carpet cleaning process, the steam extraction system is used which removes the soil and stains. First detergent is sprayed on the carpet with the help of the machine than hot water is poured which works on the detergent. Once the carpet is cleaned, wet vac is used to suck the excess water. If the carpet is given proper ventilation, it would be dried within 3 to 4 hours. Hot Water Extraction System The hot water extraction system is the best way to clean the carpet as it leaves little of residue behind. We also use non- toxic, hypo allergenic cleaning solutions that are free of dyes and perfumes. In the process ?rst the machine is ?lled with water and cleaning solution and then the cleaning starts. The best part of the process is that rinsing is not required however it does leave residue on the carpet which promotes re-soiling. D r y C a r p e t C l e a n i n g A d e l a i d e D r y C a r p e t C l e a n i n g A d e l a i d e S P E C I A L O F F E R : 3 R O O M S C A R P E T C L E A N I N G F R O M $ 8 9 * C A L L : 0 4 2 2 9 8 9 G E T A F R E E 8 5 0 Q U O T E For the people of Adelaide, we also o?er the dry carpet cleaning mechanism which involves the use of the latest technological agents to clean and get rid of soil and stains. The following steps are taken for Dry carpet cleaning; Vacuum the carpet to remove the dry particles and debris. We would use the stain removal solution with the attention on the high-traffic or problem areas. Groom the carpet to get a finishing touch. The process is simple and quick, and the best part of it is you are ready to walk on the carpet as soon as it is cleaned. With this system your carpet will never look stretched or shrink. Depending on the nature and the quality of the carpet, we follow the 8 step process:

  5. Pre-Inspection Pre-Vacuuming Pre-Spray Agitation Hot Water Extraction Speed drying Grooming Post Inspection And this 8 step process will be done at very competitive rates and in each step an agile approach is adopted which ensures your carpet gets what is necessary. How do we do it? Our cleaning sta? inspects the type of carpet you have the material that is used in the carpet, quantum of the work required and then decide on the suitable cleaning mechanism. To give the original look to your carpet is our duty and privilege. With our services, we are able to achieve higher customer retention rate. We provide services to Commercial and Residential Complexes for any kind of carpet. Upholstery Cleaning Mattresses Cleaning Stain Removal Pet Urine and Odour Cleaning Rug Cleaning Car Seat Cleaning We have special offers for our privileged services, so you enjoy the privilege of royal feel each time you hire our services. H i r e C a r p e t C l e a n e r s i n A d e l a i d e H i r e C a r p e t C l e a n e r s i n A d e l a i d e C A L L : 0 4 2 2 9 8 9 G E T A F R E E 8 5 0 Q U O T E However, we also provide the Following Services: Periodic Carpet Cleaning: You can hire us for the carpet cleaning at the periodical intervals. The Carpet Institute of Australia recommends cleaning once or twice in 12 to 18 months. It would prevent the carpet from getting wear out. There are three main reasons for why you should opt for periodic carpet cleaning: It would save your family from health issues like Allergies: You can get rid of those alien creatures like dirt, moss, pollutants, bacteria, asphalt, smoke and chemicals etc. that are harmful to your health and causes several skin allergies. Periodic cleaning will keep your carpet clean and sanitized. New Look: You would feel your carpet has got a new and fresh look, each time it is cleaned. It is a matter to retain your pride, glory, and glamour. High Cost of Replacement: Regular cleaning will keep your carpet lasts longer. As carpets of today are made of materials which can hide soiling and can get damaged easily. Once destroyed, restoring becomes di?cult and then you have to replace it which would prove to be a costly venture for you. Whatever mechanism you opt, periodic cleaning ensures shiny clean carpet, healthy environment, and reduced

  6. expenditure. Baby Arrival Carpet Cleaning It is best to take extra precaution if there is a baby at home. Baby crawls on the carpet and naturally is exposed to microbes and toxins in the carpets leading to allergy and asthma. We all have heard prevention is better than cure, and of course in the case of children it is more applicable. Our services are driven by this necessity to give the carpets complete cleaning with the best solutions so that children are not exposed to any harmful chemicals or residues. If there are babies at home, we should adopt a precise approach in cleaning and ensures natural clean carpets. Pet Urine and Odour Remover Our expertize team has solutions to get rid of pet urine and odor which causes much embarrassment. However timely and expert cleaning can bring back the freshness to the carpet. The cleaning process involves Locating the troubled spot: The troubled spot is located with the help of moisture sensor and black light. Also, the change in the colour of the spot is an indication of the troubled spot. Analysis: The nature and the extent of the troubled area are examined properly, and then the proper solution is provided. Cleaning: We ensure cleaning of the troubled area is done with the help of the chemical and the proper machine. The whole area is sanitized with the chemicals. Carpet Stain Removal Generally stains are removed while cleaning the carpet, but there are quite a few stains that might require special attention like stains from paint, tea, co?ee, wine, blood etc. We have specialized formulas to handle di?erent types of tough stains and minimize them accordingly. Our Solution is the Sanitized and nature cleaning with the best safety standard. We add the cleaning solutions which have sensitization properties that ensure safe cleaning. This means no harsh chemical is used in the carpet like bleachers, organic solvents, surfactants, etc. And overall there is no harm to pets and kids. What would you gain by choosing our services? 8 steps cleaning mechanism as discussed above Great cleaning and Glow on your carpet, and impact you are looking forward to Get Sanitized cleaning Use of Eco-friendly and natural solutions Trusting, Knowledgeable and efficient staff Insured cleaners With our services, you will ?nd yourself free from any hassle. Besides, you would get follow up service. This is an assurance of our professionalism and best returns of your investment. OUR SERVICES Carpet Cleaning Adelaide 

  7. Upholstery Cleaning  Commercial Carpet Cleaning  Rug Cleaning  Mattress Cleaning  Car Interior Cleaning  GET IN TOUCH LOCATION Located in Adelaide, South Australia. Covering all Metropolitan Suburbs in Adelaide  CALL US 24/7 0422 989 850  EMAIL ADDRESS booking@powerdry.com.au  WEBSITE www.powerdry.com.au  0 4 2 2 9 8 9 FOLLOW US:   Copyright 2017 © all rights reserved. 8 5 0

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