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Trademark Registration in Pune Maharashtra India

Online Trademark Registration Consultants Service. Our Company Provide the details of how to Register Brand and how to get Tradmark.We Helping the Clients to file a Trademark Application So Contact us and Checkout our Cost, process to apply for trademark Registration.Trademark Registration in Pune Maharashtra India<br>

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Trademark Registration in Pune Maharashtra India

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  2. The International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services classifies different goods and services into 45 Trademark Classes (1 to 34 cover Goods, and 35 to 45 cover Services). This classification is used by Indian Trademark Registry to classify thetrademarks. • Class 37 includes mainly services rendered by contractors or subcontractors in the construction or making of permanent buildings, as well as services rendered by persons or organizations engaged in the restoration of objects to their original condition or in their preservation without altering their physical or chemicalproperties. • This Class includes, inparticular: • Services relating to the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dams or transmission lines and services of undertakings specializing in the field of construction such as those of painters, plumbers, heating installers orroofers • Services auxiliary to construction services like inspections of constructionplans • Services ofshipbuilding • Services consisting of hiring of tools or buildingmaterials • Repair services, i.e., services which undertake to put any object into good condition after wear, damage, deterioration or partial destruction (restoration of an existing building or another object that has become imperfect and is to be restored to its originalcondition) • Various repair services such as those in the fields of electricity, furniture, instruments, tools,etc. • Services of maintenance for preserving an object in its original condition without changing any of itsproperties • This Class does notinclude: • Services consisting of storage of goods such as clothes or vehicles (Class39) • Services connected with dyeing of cloth or clothes (Class 40) • Related (Coordinated)Classes: • If the applicant is not sure whether to register in Class 37, following ‘coordinated’ classes may beconsidered: • Class 36 – Insurance and Finance Services Class 38 – Telecommunications Services Class 39 – Shipping and Travel Services Class 40 – Material TreatmentServices • Class 41 – Education and Entertainment Services Class 42 – Science and Technology Services Class 43 – Food Services, • Class 44 – Medical and Vet Services Class 45 – Legal and Security Services • Following is an alphabetic list of Services that come under Class 37 of the Trademark Registry • Airplane Maintenance AndRepair • Anti-Rust Treatment ForVehicles • Artificial Snow-MakingServices • Asphalting • Boiler Cleaning And Repair • Bricklaying • Building Construction Supervision www.venture-care.com Ask@venture-care.com 020-65 363633

  3. Building Sealing / Damp-Proofing[Building] • BuildingInsulating • Building Of Fair Stalls AndShops • Rental OfBulldozers • Burglar Alarm Installation AndRepair • Burner Maintenance And Repair • CarpentryServices • ChimneySweeping • Cleaning Of Buildings [Interior] • Cleaning OfClothing • Rental Of CleaningMachines • Cleaning Of Buildings [ExteriorSurface] • Clock And WatchRepair • ClothingRepair • Rental Of ConstructionEquipment • Construction* • Construction Information • Construction Consultancy • Rental Of Cranes [ConstructionEquipment] • Demolition OfBuildings • DiaperCleaning • Rental Of Dish WashingMachines • Rental Of Dish DryingMachines • Disinfecting • Rental Of DrainagePumps • Drilling OfWells • Drilling Of Deep Oil Or GasWells • DryCleaning • Electric Appliance Installation AndRepair • Elevator Installation And Repair / Lift Installation AndRepair • Rental OfExcavators • FactoryConstruction • Film Projector Repair AndMaintenance • Fire Alarm Installation AndRepair • Freezing Equipment Installation AndRepair • Fur Care, Cleaning, And Repair • Furnace Installation AndRepair • FurnitureMaintenance • FurnitureRestoration • HarbourConstruction • Heating Equipment Installation AndRepair • Hydraulic Fracturing Services / FrackingServices • Installation And Repair Of Air-ConditioningApparatus • Installation, Maintenance, And Repair Of ComputerHardware • Installation Of Doors And Windows • Interference Suppression In ElectricalApparatus • Irrigation Devices Installation AndRepair • Kitchen EquipmentInstallation • Knife Sharpening www.venture-care.com Ask@venture-care.com 020-65 363633

  4. Laundering • Rental Of Laundry Washing Machines • Laying OfCable • Leather Care, Cleaning, AndRepair • Linen Ironing • Machinery Installation, Maintenance, AndRepair • Masonry • MiningExtraction • Motor Vehicle Maintenance AndRepair • Office Machines And Equipment Installation, Maintenance AndRepair • Painting Or Repair OfSigns • Painting, Interior, AndExterior • Paper Hanging / Wallpapering • ParasolRepair • Pest Control Services, Other Than For Agriculture, Aquaculture, Horticulture AndForestry • Photographic ApparatusRepair • Pier BreakwaterBuilding • Pipeline Construction AndMaintenance • Plastering • Plumbing • Pressing OfClothing • Pumicing • Pump Repair • QuarryingServices • RatExterminating • Re-Tinning • Rebuilding Engines That Have Been Worn Or Partially Destroyed • Rebuilding Machines That Have Been Worn Or PartiallyDestroyed • Refilling Of TonerCartridges • Renovation OfClothing • RepairInformation • Repair Of Security Locks • Repair Of PowerLines • Restoration Of Works OfArt • Restoration Of MusicalInstruments • Retreading Of Tires [Tyres] / Retreading Of Tires / Retreading OfTyres • Riveting • Road Paving • Rental Of Road SweepingMachines • RoofingServices • Rustproofing • Safe Maintenance AndRepair • Sanding • Scaffolding • Shipbuilding • Shoe Repair • Sterilization Of Medical Instruments / Sterilisation Of MedicalInstruments • StreetCleaning • Strong-Room Maintenance AndRepair www.venture-care.com Ask@venture-care.com 020-65 363633

  5. Swimming-Pool Maintenance • Telephone Installation AndRepair • Tuning Of Musical Instruments • Tyre Balancing / Tire Balancing • UmbrellaRepair • UnderwaterConstruction • UnderwaterRepair • Upholstering • UpholsteryRepair • Varnishing • Vehicle Lubrication [Greasing] / Vehicle Greasing / VehicleLubrication • VehicleWashing • VehiclePolishing • Vehicle Service Stations [Refuelling AndMaintenance] • VehicleMaintenance • VehicleCleaning • Vehicle Breakdown RepairServices • Vehicle BatteryCharging • Vermin Exterminating, Other Than For Agriculture, Aquaculture, Horticulture AndForestry • Vulcanization Of Tires [Tyres] [Repair] / Vulcanization Of Tires [Repair] / Vulcanization Of Tyres[Repair] • Warehouse Construction AndRepair • Washing OfLinen • Washing • WindowCleaning • Apply online for Trademark Registrationand Secure your brand and business in less than 15 Minutes.Start Now • If you have any query please comment in the comment box below or call us on 02065363633 www.venture-care.com Ask@venture-care.com 020-65 363633

  6. ContactUs: Head Office(India) VentureCare Sr.No-29, Ajikyatara, kalaniketan, Dhankawadi, Near Rajshri Shahu Bank, Pune, Maharashtra 411043(IN) Branch Office(Netherlands) VentureCare Jonker Fransstraat 46, 3031 AV Rotterdam,(NL) Phone:+31 614 575275 Phone: (020)-65 363633 www.venture-care.comAsk@venture-care.com 020-65 363633

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