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Career In Personal Training And Fitness

With obesity gaining attention as a national health crisis, Americans are now starting to get health conscious and are beating a path to the gym

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Career In Personal Training And Fitness

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  1. Career In Personal Training And Fitness

  2. With obesity gaining attention as a national health crisis, Americans are now starting to get health conscious and are beating a path to the gym. This is good news for individuals who are considering a career in personal training and fitness. There will always be a demand for good personal trainers and fitness instructors as long as people continue to long to look and feel good. http://www.healthedsolutions.com/

  3. Personal Trainer And Fitness The job of a personal trainer is to assess the fitness level of their clients and to suggest fitness training routines that are ideal for the fitness level of the client. The trainer will coach the client through the training sessions which include cardio and weights training. They will also suggest diet modifications for maximum benefit.

  4. Advantages Many are the advantages of being a personal trainer and fitness instructor and it is a very rewarding career indeed. • Teach what you love and love what you teach: Imagine being able to impart your passion about health and fitness and earn your keep while you are at it as well. If that is your dream then look no further and jump into personal training wagon. Continued

  5. Help people achieve their goals: There is something so satisfying about playing a part in achieving another person’s goals that it is enough to give you gooseflesh. You will be able to see their goals materialize in front of your eyes and it will be thanks to you. Continued

  6. Workout at work: This job will allow you to work out while you are at work and hence you can remain in shape without having to spend extra money and time away from work and family. • Flexible timing: You can work around your personal schedule because of the flexible timing that is possible with working as a personal or fitness trainer. You will get downtime in between training sessions or classes for your personal errands or for school or any other pressing matter at hand. http://www.healthedsolutions.com/

  7. Educational Requirements Educational requirements for personal trainers vary from place to place. Usually, you can become a fitness trainer by being certified in the class that you are going to teach. Personal trainer certifications are also available from the American Council on Exercise, the American College of Sports medicine, or the International Sports Sciences Association.

  8. To get promoted as a manager a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, exercise physiology or some other health degree is preferred. Another invaluable certification is the Basic Life Support (BLS) certification that will teach you to administer cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to your client in case of an emergency. The BLS certification is valid only for two years and has to be renewed every two years thereafter. This certification is also available online through websites like Health Education Solutions.

  9. Salary And Job Outlook The future for personal trainers and fitness instructors is very encouraging right now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs in this category will be growing at a rate of 24% from the year 2010 to 2020 which is much faster than other occupations. The annual salary for fitness trainers in the year 2010 was $31,090 which is $14.95 per hour. You can also start you own franchise of an existing health club chain and earn much more that the normal pay.

  10. Work Environment And Job Opportunities • Personal trainers have to be physically fit and train themselves by working out and staying in shape. They have to work with several clients throughout the day for duration of half an hour to one hour. • Fitness instructors have to be physically fit as well as they have to teach several classes in a week and they cannot afford to miss classes as they will lose their clients. • Personal trainers and fitness instructors usually work at health clubs, gyms, yoga and Pilate’s studios, fitness centers, resorts, at the home of the client, universities and hospitals.

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