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Arai Helmets - Expert Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Arai Helmets - Expert Design

Arai Helmets - Expert Design

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Arai Helmets - Expert Design

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  1. Arai Helmets - Expert Design The company that manufacturers Arai helmets was developed in 1926. Hirotake Arai, a Japanese hat maker shifted his focus to ​motorcycle helmets​ and the company has become synonymous with professional motorcycle champions and helmets built for pros. What might be the most impressive aspect of Arai helmets is the fact that each one is hand made. In fact, all ​Arai helmets​ bear the signature of the creator inside the shell. There is no doubt that Arai helmets are one of the most popular worldwide. In fact, it is because of this commitment to crafting high performance motorcycle helmets that sets them apart from the rest. Arai helmets are not fashioned for a pure profiting perspective; rather each helmet is a work of art unto itself. In fact, several helmets have actually been showcased in art museums. Another aspect of Arai helmets, that sets them apart from the rest, is their focus on their family heritage. The company is now in it's third generation. Proving again that Arai helmets are not

  2. just another factory run operation set to make profits. The family name of Arai backs up every helmet that is handcrafted. It should also be noted that every Arai helmet is hand inspected during development. In fact, by the time an Arai helmet is finished, it has been hand inspected at a minimum of three times. It is this high commitment to quality that has made the Arai name one of the most sought after when it comes to choosing motorcycle helmets. There are strict codes that are set in place during the testing of Arai helmets and every single helmet is held to those rigorous standards. Arai's commitment to excellence and quality has resulted in motorcycle helmets that are designed with the needs of the rider in mind. Arai helmets are not only leaders in design and technology; they are also leaders when it comes to offering or providing warranties. All Arai helmets are covered by a full five-year limited warranty. This is in direct contrast to the majority of motorcycle helmets that only offer a limited one-year warranty.

  3. Aria helmets have earned their reputation due to the expertise that is in their design. The helmets are designed with the rider's comfort in mind. The main aspect is on ensuring that the helmet fits, but also that it is well ventilated and that the ventilation system really works. By keeping moisture and humidity out of the helmet and away from the face, you can rest assured that your helmet is not just providing you with protection, but will professional comfort as well. Not only are Arai helmets comfortable, but also they are also safe. They continually are being awarded with recognition for their high safety standards. Arai helmets are designed by taking into consideration every possible scenario for an accident. This has caused their design to be exceptional and above most other motorcycle helmet designs. Continually, Arai helmets are being praised for their expert craftsmanship. Article Source: