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The One in Five Challenge

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The One in Five Challenge

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The One in Five Challenge

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  1. The One in Five Challenge

  2. Introducing The One in Five Challenge • The Business Case for the Challenge • Meeting the Challenge

  3. Why does WWF care about flying? • Climate change is the biggest global threat to natural world, people and wildlife • Aviation is one of fastest growing sources of GHGs, and currently the technological improvements are developing too slowly to compensate • If emissions are not stabilised, aviation could take up most of the UK carbon budget by 2050 – how to meet 80% reduction target without penalising the rest of the economy?

  4. What’s the link – WWF, aviation and business? • WWF has the environmental expertise, the brand and the political clout to help companies pursue their sustainability agenda to find practical solutions • Flying represents significant share of business carbon footprint -can be as much as 50% for some companies • Carbon savings could be significant: if all European companies cut business flights by 20% they would save 22 million tonnes of CO2 • Conditions are right for encouraging a shift in business flying culture • Alternatives – audio, web and video conferencing & High Speed Rail • Regulation and fiscal measures pushing carbon reduction • Meeting an 80% cut of greenhouse gases by 2050

  5. What is the One in Five Challenge? A guided programme and award scheme to help business and government to cut 20% of flights within five years • Reduces reliance on business flights by encouraging culture of virtual meetings • Encourages businesses to seek greener alternatives to flying • Independently audited scheme • Sets annual flight reduction targets • Helps change business travel behaviour • Demonstrates that companies can remain competitive while reducing their flying

  6. Current participants

  7. Introducing The One in Five Challenge • The Business Case for the Challenge • Meeting the Challenge

  8. The Business case for the Challenge • Public and press recognition for achieving the Challenge • Focus for engaging staff and improving compliance with travel policy • Better work–life balance for staff, which can boost staff retention • A substantial reduction in travel expenditure • Better global collaboration and faster decision making • Demonstration of commitment to carbon reduction—to staff, investors, suppliers and Government

  9. What your company would get for taking part? • An online methodology for monitoring, reporting and measuring reductions/savings • Ideas for improved engagement and buy-in from staff • Demonstration of best practice & leadership amongst government agencies • Opportunities to share experiences amongst Challenger community • Consultancy help and support from our auditors, JMP • Specially designed panda logo for award winners & publicity opportunities • A toolkit to plan and implement a sustainable business travel policy • Annual workshop and quarterly e-newsletter • Annual progress reports

  10. Introducing The One in Five Challenge • The Business Case for the Challenge • Meeting the Challenge

  11. How the process works • Designed to take minimal staff time • Companies fill out a baseline survey, set a trajectory and detail: • Number of flights, flight expenditure, flight distances, top 10 destinations and estimated CO2 from flying • Data is verified during an on-site visit • Annual update of data and report provided • Celebration of success!

  12. Key stages and milestones

  13. The One in Five Challenge