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My Native American Life PowerPoint Presentation
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My Native American Life

My Native American Life

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My Native American Life

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  1. By Keegan Wiggins My Native American Life

  2. Introduction My name is Kele it means sparrow, I am part of the Sioux tribe.I was born in 1850. My mom, dad, brother, and two sisters all live in one and I live in Dakota (South Dakota). It is it March 23 1860. My sister Dowanhowee’s her name means singing voice her 8th birthday was in 3 days and my brother dad and I were going to let my sister come with us hunting and have my other sister Wachiwi and mom create a dinner from the buffalo. My yougest sisters name means dancing girl. My youngest sister is 4 years old and she was born on November 17 1856 My brother Shappa was born on December 2

  3. background It is my birthday today We are moving west to the great plains my mother said gladly. Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) decided the idea and everyone loved it. Tatanka Iyotake is one of our leaders and he is a great one.

  4. Tatanke Iyotake This is Tantanke Iyotake his English name is Sitting Bull.

  5. Journal entry #1Food I am doing this journal for future generations will know what life was like in the past. I went hunting with my father and brother . I am back and we got 3 buffalo, one for each of us to carry. Today I hope they cook my favorite meal, buffalo. Me and my father went fishing today

  6. Journal entry #1 Food and Clothing I just came back from hunting with my father, brother, and my pony Kohana. My ponys name Kohana means swift. We brought back buffalo and fish. The way we would hunt was my dad and brother would hide our scent under animal fur and stalk the buffalo and if they ran I would get on Kohana and use my bow and arrows to kill it. Once we killed it we brought it back to the “house” and skinned it for its fur and made blankets, we used the fat to put in the fire and cooked the meat. The bones were used for hunting weapons.

  7. Journal entry #1 tribe characteristics

  8. Journal entry 3 It is different moving from place to place and following my food. In some places it is cold and some places are warmer than others but it is never really hot.

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  10. Thank you for reading my journal