4 reasons to try primally pure s natural n.
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4 Reasons to Try Primally Pure’s Natural Dry Shampoo PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Reasons to Try Primally Pure’s Natural Dry Shampoo

4 Reasons to Try Primally Pure’s Natural Dry Shampoo

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4 Reasons to Try Primally Pure’s Natural Dry Shampoo

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  1. 4 Reasons to Try Primally Pure’s Natural Dry Shampoo

  2. 4 Reasons to Try Primally Pure’s Natural Dry Shampoo On those super busy days when you don’t have time or perhaps the desire to wash and dry your hair, get acquainted with your new BFF—dry shampoo. But not just any dry shampoo will do. You especially don’t want to use a chemical-laden product that does more harm than good. That’s where Primally Pure comes in with their Dry Shampoo for Dark Locks and Dry Shampoo for Light Locks. If you’ve been considering trying a dry shampoo or making the switch to a different brand, here are four reasons to give an all natural dry shampoo from Primally Pure a try. Extend the Life of Your Hair Between Washes Dry shampoo is a dream for busy moms who don’t have a bunch of spare time, or for those who don’t want to shower daily (no judgment here), or for anyone who wants to lead a more natural lifestyle. Give limp locks a boost with a few shakes of Primally Pure’s Dry Shampoo to your roots

  3. to help absorb excess oil and give your hair added texture and volume. It’s a product that effectively refreshes second- or even third-day hair. Give Your Hair and Scalp a Break Some people may find that washing their hair every day leads to a dry scalp or that their hair becomes dull and lifeless from over-washing. A dry shampoo can come in real handy if you fall into this category. Try a high-quality dry shampoo and see if you don’t notice a difference. If you feel like you need to wash your hair every day because it feels greasy or dirty, you might not be using the best type of shampoo for your hair. Your shampoo should not strip your hair of its natural oils. Hair should feel nourished and healthy. Ingredients Matter Primally Pure’s Dry Shampoo is formulated with less than 10 natural and organic ingredients, including organic arrowroot powder and kaolin clay to absorb moisture while adding texture and volume. It’s also made with organic essential oils of lavender to soothe the scalp, peppermint to help stimulate hair growth, and grapefruit, which has natural cleansing properties. Primally Pure’s Dry Shampoo for dark hair contains more organic cocoa powder for seamless blending with all shades of brunette. Their Dry Shampoo for lighter hair, including all shades of blonde and some redheads, has a small amount of cocoa powder to create an off-white color that blends seamlessly. Non-Aerosol Formula Some dry shampoos come in aerosol spray cans, which release a harmful colorless gas onto your hair and into the air. Instead, try using a dry shampoo that comes in powder form in a bottle— for the sake of your health and the environment. Primally Pure’snon toxic dry shampoo is a powder that you can sprinkle onto your hair. Shop Primally Pure at Original Source: