the cultural role of travel magazines through the lens of london n.
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The Cultural Role of Travel Magazines: Through the lens of London PowerPoint Presentation
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The Cultural Role of Travel Magazines: Through the lens of London

The Cultural Role of Travel Magazines: Through the lens of London

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The Cultural Role of Travel Magazines: Through the lens of London

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  1. The Cultural Role of Travel Magazines: Through the lens of London Nichole Baldino, Temple University Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Kitch, PhD Summer 2011

  2. Agenda Background Thesis Why am I using London as my lens? What is my study? Methodology Distinguishing features of each magazine Summary

  3. Background Travel journalists are important– they bridge the gap between societies and provide readers access to a new world. Success of travel journalism parallels the success of the tourism industry Lifestyle and service journalism Magazines are societal icons

  4. Thesis Travel magazines have an important place in society because they speak to their audience and allow readers to experience travel through advice and guidance.

  5. Why London? Familiar and iconic – therefore relatable Depicted in movies, articles, books. “[London is] a city of multiple roles and identities, contrasts and diversities, which are reflected in its architecture, multiculturalism, and extremes of wealth and poverty” (Stevenson, and Inskip 95).

  6. “…I am entranced by the views of the Thames bridges, Big Ben, red double-deckers, strollers on the embankment: all the familiar sights of London.” Travel + Leisure “London Legend”

  7. Intent of my project Six month longitudinal study Exploratory in nature Currently in preliminary stages

  8. Methodology Actively reading and annotating FIVE American travel magazines Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Budget Travel, AFAR, National Geographic Traveler Analyzing: content (suggestions for travel), editorial voice (words used), editorial mix (types of articles)

  9. What distinguishes each magazine?

  10. Luxury

  11. Reader Demographics *MRI Database 2011

  12. Mission Statement “Travel + Leisure is a celebration of travel. The magazine explores the places, ideas, and trends that define modern global culturewhile delivering the most comprehensive servicejournalism of any travel source. T+L is the authority for the discerning traveler.” Nancy Novogrod, Editor-in-Chief

  13. Destinations – March 2011 London San Antonio Tokyo Uruguay Italy Miami India

  14. Spread

  15. Luxury

  16. Reader Demographics *MRI Database 2011

  17. Mission Statement “Unique among travel magazines, Condé Nast Traveler writers pay their own way and travel unannounced. This guiding principle assures us independence from the travel industry allowing us to report honestly andfairlyabout all aspects of travel. There is no more trusted source than Condé Nast Traveler.” KlaraGlowczewska, Editor-in-Chief

  18. Destinations – May 2011 Lhasa, Tibet Beijing Cartagena *Special Hotels issue

  19. Spread

  20. Budget

  21. Reader Demographics *MRI Database 2011

  22. Mission Statement “Savvy. Not Snobby. That's who we are. And that's who our readers are. What they want is simple: to see the world in all its beauty, variety, and sheer oddity. Our readers go their own way: the savvy way.” Nina Willdorf, Editor-in-Chief

  23. Destinations – May 2011 Andersonville, ChicagoWashingtonNew OrleansAustinPortlandPittsburghAlbuquerqueBarcelonaMalaysia

  24. Spread

  25. Experiential

  26. Reader Demographics *AFAR 2011

  27. Mission Statement “AFAR inspires travelers to immersethemselves in authentic experiences that create deep connections between the reader, place and local culture. Edited for an affluentand sophisticated audience, AFAR attracts highly engaged readers who have both the desire and the means to pursue the luxury of experience.” Greg Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief

  28. Destinations – May/June 2011 Zanzibar, TanzaniaRome, Italy Anderson Valley, CaliforniaMexico City, MexicoAmsterdamViennaEcuadorJapanMinsk, Belarus

  29. Spread

  30. Experiential

  31. Reader Demographics *MRI Database 2011

  32. Mission Statement “Only National Geographic Traveler combines the powerful experience, knowledge, and heritage of the National Geographic Society with a new world of insights for 21st century travelers. National Geographic Traveler covers destinations rich in distinction and character, while actively supporting efforts to keep them that way. Today more than ever, the magazine believes that enhancing an authentic “sense of place” benefits both travelers and the locations they explore.” Keith Bellows, Editor-in-Chief

  33. Destinations – May/June 2011 San Francisco Monaco Louisville Portugal Paris Croatia Montreal Wyoming

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  35. Summary Each magazine can be clearly broken down into a genre based on information provided This gives me a jumping point for my research and will help in analyzing the magazines – word choice, variations of articles – based on genre

  36. Any Questions? Thank you to my mentor, Dr. Kitch and Temple University’s McNair program