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Interior house painters in springwood PowerPoint Presentation
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Interior house painters in springwood

Interior house painters in springwood

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Interior house painters in springwood

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  1. ABOUT US • We are fully licensed and insured, and we service all areas within the Blue Mountains. • Our service is professional, prompt, courteous, and value adding. • We work to a Quality Assurance Program, and we do both small and large jobs well !


  3. HOW TO CHOOSE • Price • Reliability • Communications • Insurance • Trust • Warranty • Written Proposal • Payments • References • What To Expect

  4. ABOUT COLOUR • Consider your decor of your space, traditional, contemporary, modern. • What is this room used for and choose an appropriate colour. • What is the mood you want to create for those that enter. • Look at flow on room colours. Included the relationship between your new colour and existing colours for continuity and flow. • Our staff have thousands of colour swatches, and it will make the process quicker and clearer.

  5. INTERIOR PAINTING • Few improvements can increase the value and appearance of your property as inexpensively as painting. Our professional interior house painters in springwood. • Curtains, blinds, and other objects should be removed or protected. • Glossy surfaces should be lightly sanded to dull the surface. • Recently, acrylic paints were used almost exclusively for walls and ceilings. • Proper preparation is a key to successful interior painting.

  6. EXTERIOR PAINTING • Our professional exterior house painters in blackhealth. Cleaning to remove dirt and mildew is the first step in preparing exterior surfaces. • All loose paint deposits and defective caulking should be removed. • Oil paints should not be used for exterior painting in warm, humid weather. • A 100% acrylic paint should be used for exterior surfaces. • Less expensive paints generally contain a vinyl, or vinyl-acrylic, resin, which is not as durable as a 100% acrylic resin and does not retain colour as well.

  7. COMMERCIAL PAINTING • Each project is carefully supervised. • Inspected during each phase of the work to ensure strict Policy to our Quality Assurance Standards to assure complete client satisfaction before, during and after completion of the project! • All consultations, specifications, proposals, and quotes are provided completely free of charge to our clients.

  8. WITH PROPOSAL Preparation and Procedures. License and Insurance Information. Job References. Written Warranty. Product Information & Material Data Sheets.

  9. CLEAN UP INTERIOR • Furniture is moved back to original positions. • Wall and ceiling fixture are replaced. • Floors and carpets are thoroughly clean with a professional vacuum. • All of our trade rubbish is removed. • Touch-up paints are dated, labelled, and left with the client.

  10. CLEAN UP EXTERIOR • Performed daily and upon completion of the job. • All our trade rubbish is removed. • Plant beds cleaned and paint chips removed. • Touch-up paint cans are dated, labelled, and left with the client. • Outdoor furniture and fixtures replaced.

  11. OUR COMMITMENTS • All surfaces to be painted shall be cleaned free of loose dirt and dust. • We use only top quality materials. • Our experienced, skilled tradesmen shall do all your painting. • Our painters shall protect their own work, also adjacent work, and materials from paint spillage or over spray with suitable covering. • A “wet walk survey” is done to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly.

  12. For More Information Visit Us..!! Website : Email :

  13. Thank You..!!!