epoxy floor coating n.
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Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating

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Epoxy Floor Coating

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  1. Epoxy Floor Coating When it comes to choosing new flooring systems for industrial use, garage floor coating, or any other outdoor surfaces epoxy coating stands for many flooring options. Epoxy floor coating is a highly durable, customizable, sustainable, and decorative for any surface. The main aspect of epoxy floor coating is that it is chemically distinct from regular floor paints. How Epoxy Floor Coating Applied? Normally, this type of coating is applied over concrete floors to provide a high- performance, smooth and durable surface that can last for several years and withstand heavy load. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings

  2. rely on epoxy floors to keep workers, equipment, and inventory in clean and safe condition. It is a two component product consisting of one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener. You are required to mix the two parts together prior to application. After mixing you are limited by time and temperature as to how long you have to apply it. With colored epoxies it is the resin that is tinted to give the epoxy color. If it’s not tinted, then it goes on as a clear coating. Epoxy coatings recover and do not cure as do paint. Unlike paint, the mixing of the two components starts a reactive process that creates cross-linking of the components while it cures. The amount of resistance and performance of the coating is usually determined by the quality and solids content of the epoxy. Epoxy floor coatings offer major benefits to commercial installations including: Excellent durability, which can help extend the lifespan of a concrete substrate Capable of withstanding a great deal of stress from both pedestrian and heavy vehicular traffic. Easy to clean and maintain.  Available to match any style in a wide range of colors and decorative choices. Useful for repairing damaged concrete as well as being applied as a topcoat. By utilizing different application techniques that can include a broad spectrum of additives and enhancements to meet the demands of industrial, commercial and institutional operations. Protexion has been a leader in the manufacturing and supplying of new flooring technologies. At Advanced Environmental Services, we use robust epoxy floor coating formulations to provide facilities for epoxy floor paint application. We can offer a solution to make you’re flooring more practical and attractive using our sturdy epoxy coatings, which are available in a variety of colors and designs. If you are interested in learning more about how our epoxy coatings can provide a durable and attractive flooring surface for your commercial or industrial facility. And if you’re looking for primer or top coat that, with a little surface preparation,

  3. can result in a protective, durable, attractive and practical floor then please feel free to contact our epoxy floor coating manufacturer. Call us on 9011958800 or e- mail us to requirements about all the different epoxy flooring coating. Contact us: 9011958800 Visit us: