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Some aspects of window cleaning you need to know before starting out with your business.

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  1. FrontPage Starting A Commercial Window Cleaning Business--What You Need To Know Do you know that by starting a commercial window cleaning business, you can quit your day job and become a small scale business owner generating a monthly income of $3,000? Commercial window cleaning business is currently booming rapidly as commercial offices and business owners always want their properties to be kept clean. Since time is money, most small business owners are not able to clean their office or windows; instead, they hire professional window cleaners or commercial window firms to keep their windows or place of work in perfect condition. If you’re looking at starting a window cleaning business, keep the following tips in mind: Washing office or commercial windows is one of the best small scale businesses to start because it requires no huge start-up capital and is always in high demand. There’s so much money to be made in this niche and you can actually build a MEGA-window cleaning business if you do it the right way. Keep This In Mind Before Starting A Commercial Window Cleaning Business Window cleaning is a difficult service business; so, you’ll need to do a good job to each window so customers can call you back for more… If you can provide thorough window cleaning for your clients, you won’t have to worry about getting or retaining clients. You’ll always have jobs lined up for you! Start up expenses for a commercial window cleaning The major benefit of starting a commercial window cleaning service is that, its start up expenses are relatively low compared to other small scale businesses. The expenses are quite modest. All you’ll need to start this business is: Squeegees in several sizes Rags Scrapers Towels

  2. A sturdy ladder An extension pole Cleaning solution A basic ladder for two-story work Others… Determination Willing-ness Hardwork PS. You can find these basic supplies at your nearest cleaning supplier. Figure out what your rates should be As a beginner just venturing into the business, it can be challenging to figure out what your rates should be. At first, you’ll want to be competitive and also make a nice, decent profit. The best way to charge is by charging by each window or by the hour. When charging by the window, you need to consider both the location and size of the windows… These factors will help determine what your rates should be. Learn the tools of the trade If you’re reading this article, i take it that you’re not an expert in window cleaning or washing windows. Well, there are many videos available for free on YOUTUBE All you need is to type in ‘’window cleaning or window cleaning tips’’ and the videos will come up. You can learn the tricks of the trade by watching these Youtube videos. Remember, becoming a professional commercial window cleaner, isn’t a one day thing. It takes consistent effort and perseverance. Be determined, and practice always. You can actually make a great living from this business. Marketing your window cleaning business To stay in business, you’ll need to find prospects.

  3. Consider advertising with local business directories. It’s cheap, and it can get you more clients.Consider advertising with local business directories. It’s cheap, and it can get you more clients. You could consider using promotional materials like business cards, flyers and van signs. Another thing you should consider implementing is to keep in touch with clients, customer service is a must! They could get you more referrals, word of mouth is an excellent form of advertising. Tip: consider offering additional services such as gutter cleaning or conservatory roof cleaning to increase your profits…

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