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UK Event, July 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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UK Event, July 2014

UK Event, July 2014

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UK Event, July 2014

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  1. UK Event, July 2014

  2. Succeed in international markets Arturai’s case Turn over 10,6 M EUR (2013) Growth of 100% in the last 4 years

  3. about arturai Arturai is a leading consulting and IT company with operations in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Brazil. Thanks to our continuous enriched methodology, which has resulted from hundreds of IT integrations and implementations of projects worldwide, Arturai is able to accelerate IT projects, delivering and implementing them at a lower cost, places Arturai at the top of a restricted group of European companies that are able to handle such tasks. Being a leading IT-services company, we pro-actively invest in the alliance with the main players on the market to leverage our efficiency, building orientated solutions for a better performance when it comes to deliver contents and applications over the Internet, Extranet or Intranet. Arturai has been a partner of Akamai Technologies, Inc, ( since 2001, making Arturai one of the oldest, trustworthy, and more experienced Akamai partners in the World delivering a high level of insight technology, support consultancy and assessment on Akamai products and services.

  4. services • Content and Application Delivery • Application Acceleration • Mobile Optimization • Security

  5. international presence • Portugal • Spain • Italy • Switzerland • Austria • Germany • Brazil

  6. international presence NER – North European Region (2014/2015) EMEA Coverage by 2016

  7. the experience Due to our international presence we have the ability to understand and adapt to different cultural business markets and rationals

  8. initial challenges • Founded in 2000 with a single laptop “borrowed” and using as headquarter a “borrowed” garage • Initial investment 4K£ • 3 people (2 full time) - no salaries • 1 year life-expentancy with initial investment • Find the initial customers (very early stage of the Internet) • Find and bet on the right partnership (visionary and high risk Internet “bubble” company

  9. initial problems • Financing the operations (own money) • Moving to a small office (payment of the rent) • Account receivables on the first few customers • Market trust and brand recognition • Qualified personnel (willing to take risks and aware of some sacrifices on the initial term)

  10. success drivers • Business Plan (short-term ROI) – Mandatory!!! • Well identified initial customers • Customer centric methodology (still key factor and number one priority of the company) • Customer Care, Supportand satisfaction elevated to levels unknown to date • Identifying the Internet challenges on time partnering with a recent MIT company that the aim was to solve the Internet problem

  11. “gut” • Long before the crisis of 2008 we had the “gut” to rapidly expand our operational territory and begin a new and unknown challenge (Internationalization - in the year of our lord 2003) • Identify the first “foreign market” - Italy, why?, good food & wine, lifestyle, nice weather, history, beautiful women, and most of all a very aggressive market with many Italian multinational companies (Luxury, Industry, Automotive, Travel & Tourism, Food, Technology)

  12. market maturity • From 2003, 2004 we saw a rapid change and adoption on internet technology that has been doubling, and tripling year after year. • More and more business move online • More Corporate Applications move online

  13. market maturity • 2010 - the “cloud”?!?… but we where the cloud already back in 2001 !!, we where operating at that time trough our partner a network of more than 15,000 servers world wide, today the platform is composed by more that 160,000 servers world wide serving as much of 30% of the global Internet traffic • 2011 - The internet ceased to be a “nice place” to become a playing ground for crime - Cybercrime increases rapidly (Cyber-terrorism, Hacktivism, Extortion, Nation sponsored attacks… the “romantic” vision of a kid hacking some computer on his basement is no longer true!)

  14. arturai adapts • The Company is driven by the market needs and by anticipating the new challenges and requirements of our customers, its a learning process and sharing experience with customers and partners to understand what the market is up-to and what theywill need (i.e. explosion of the mobile devices) we are notonline anymore we are ALWAYS Hyperconnected).

  15. need to expand After a good market consolidation in Portugal, Spain and Italy, we felt the need to continue the internationalization process, we planned (carefully as always) and took the decision: “let’s move” to Switzerland and have a new currency :-), from there let’s go for the Central European region with very demanding and mature market, very difficult to penetrate by a southern European company coming back to the origins and believe on theexpansion, continue to have as priority number one the “customer”, they are the only reason why companies live and prospere. As experience from the crisis of 2008… (not over yet), the European market “alone” may no suffice to have a sustainable operation, market and currency diversification are key to nowadays success.

  16. financial consolidation On each and every market that we started our operation we worked to first consolidate our cash-flow Our philosophy “BE INDEPENDENT” from the financial market… they will destroy your dreams… Back-down from an operation in which you do not have the ROI within 6 months after starting operations (we are in the service sector) NEVER finance an operation with another source of your operations (it will contaminate and spread like a cancer on your entire company)

  17. advises for the youngsters • Believe in you • Be careful and moderate on the expenditures • Start your company after some experience, but do it with the right age, the longer it takes the less nerve and “bold” you become • Listen, listen, listen • Be modest, but believe on your project and defend it in front of the others • Take one step at a time, but embrace the world quickly and be always ahead of your competition

  18. thank you Q&A