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ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி PowerPoint Presentation
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ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி

ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி

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ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி

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  1. ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி ஹாப்பி தீபாவளி

  2. DEEPAM + AAVALI = DEEPAVALI தீபம்  +  =  தீபாவளி ஆவளி



  5. Naraka Chaturdasi, or Narak Chaturdashi, is associated with the Deepavali or Diwali celebrations. In South India, Naraka Chaturdasi is observed on the Deepavali day. . Naraka Chaturdasi day celebrates the victory of Lord Krishna over Demon Naraka (Narakasura or Narakasuran). It must be noted here that Diwali in South India is celebrated a day before the celebrations in North India The legend for celebrating Diwali in North India is based on the return of Lord Ram from exile to Ayodhya. But in South India the legend is Krishna defeating demon Naraka with the help of Satyabhama. Legend has it that Demon Naraka, the son of Bhumi Devi and Vishnu, with the help of a boon from Brahma became very powerful. The boon was that he could only be killed by his mother Bhumi Devi. With such immense power Naraka lost his self control and his ego took over him. He started harassing people and demi-gods. He also forcibly took away the earrings of Aditi, the mother of devas Finally, the task of annihilating Naraka fell on Krishna. As always, a clever Lord Krishna asked his wife Satyabhama, an incarnation of Bhumi Devi, to accompany him to the battle against Naraka and be his charioteer. CLICK


  7. Crackers hold a fascination for both young and old alike. Despite a growing anti-cracker campaign, there is no dip in its popularity. When the rocket flies high and burst opens into an umbrella of colourful embers, people from the ground watch this spectacular in awe, the beauty raining down towards them. The children quickly light up a fire wheel which dances on the floor, just as a couple of noisy bombs go off in the background. Every year Diwali arrive in all its sound and sparkle. Each year on the dark night of Diwali, Crackers of varied colors and sounds fill the skies heralding India's favourite festival. Diwali or Deepavali in Sanskrit means “ a row of lamps" and fireworks have become a major part of Diwali celebrations. They form a big part of the Diwali budget in households Firecrackers come in different varieties from the delightfully visual ones to the ear deafening noisy ones. Tradition says that the illumination of homes with lights and the skies with firecrackers is an expression of obeisance to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace and prosperity. Another possible reason and a more scientific one for lighting firecrackers is that the fumes produced by them kill insects and mosquitoes found aplenty after the rains. The standard varieties of firecrackers include the mild flower pots, the electric crackers, the popular ground wheel (commonly called as charka), the high flying rockets, the favourite sparklers and of course the explosive and ear deafening bombs. The colourful twin angles, a new entrant in the cracker market has caught the fancy of many customers. A combination of all the above makes an exclusive festive package which delights young and old alike. “CLICK”

  8. Diwali symbolising the triumph of the good over evil continues to be grandiose in spirit and celebrated throughout the country. Firecrackers add to the festivities and as the rows of lamps glow one can hear the crackers go off and see the sparklers children and adults alike. CLICK

  9. இந்தநல்ல நாளில் அதிகாலையில் எழுந்து மங்கல ஸ்நானம்செய்துபுத்தாடைகள்அணிந்து கடவுளையும் பெரியவர்களையும் வணங்கிஇனிய தின்பண்டங்களை சுவைத்து பட்டாசுகளை வெடித்து ஆனந்தமாக "தீபாவளி"  நன்னாளை கொண்டாடுங்கள்.

  10. For Ganga snanam ஸ்நானம்செய்ய Dresses உடுக்க



  13. இத்தனை பக்ஷ்ணங்களையும்சாப்பிட்டால் வயிறு என்ன ஆவது? தீபாவளி லேகியம் சாப்பிடுங்களேன். இதோ!!!

  14. இத்தனை பக்ஷ்ணங்களையும்சாப்பிட்டால் வயிறு என்ன ஆவது? தீபாவளி லேகியம் சாப்பிடுங்களேன். இதோ!!!

  15. வாணவேடிக்கைகள் , பட்டாசு வெடிகளைபார்ப்போமா!!!