gay marriage enhances human rights n.
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Gay Marriage Enhances Human Rights PowerPoint Presentation
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Gay Marriage Enhances Human Rights

Gay Marriage Enhances Human Rights

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Gay Marriage Enhances Human Rights

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  1. Gay Marriage Enhances Human Rights

  2. Sydnei TrotterSophomore Project

  3. Homosexuals Can Receive Legal Benefits If They’re Married • Gay people often cannot pass assets to their spouse without having to pay a huge amount of taxes • Unmarried homosexuals cannot file joint tax returns and denied the right to transfer property

  4. Percent of adults currently married, by sexual orientation

  5. Background Information: • 1996- Defense of marriage act (DOMA) help defend one-man, one-woman marriage • 2004 -Bush supported banning same-sex marriages • 2011- Don't Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) official policy on gays serving in the military from admitting their sexualit • 2012- Pew conducted a poll showing that more Americans favor same sex marriage

  6. Driving Question: Has the United States government impeded or enhanced American progress for gay marriage?

  7. Claim: The United States Government has enhanced American progress for gay marriage.

  8. The Supreme Court has decided to hear both sides of the cases • Both parties felt their rights should be acknowledge. • The debate has grown so much that the Supreme Court felt that the cases should be decided on. • Supreme Court needs to interpret the constitutionality of gay marriage.

  9. Protesting outside of the Supreme Court building

  10. 44th President Barack Obama is for gay marriage • Feels that gays should be able to marry • No other President announced has stood up for gay marriage • Barack Obama cannot picture a state banning gay marriage

  11. Obama for gay marriage

  12. Don't Ask Don’t Tell policy for the Military has been terminated • Policy that didn’t allow homosexuals to come out has been banned • Homosexuals are now able to serve openly in the military • Homosexuals can now serve without all the barriers

  13. Ending of DADT

  14. Others argue that  the American Government impeded the progress for gay marriage because not all states  have made it legal However, nine states have already made gay marriage legal

  15. Support for Same-Sex Marriage by Political Party, 2001-2011

  16. Get Involved In Gay Marriage • Contact Our State Legislator Senator Patricia Van Pelt • 2312 W. Harrison Street Chicago, IL  60612 (312) 888-9191

  17. Don’t discriminate Against Homosexuals

  18. Give Homosexuals Who Were Fired Compensation

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