how long do terracotta roof tiles last n.
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How Long Do Terracotta Roof Tiles last? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Long Do Terracotta Roof Tiles last?

How Long Do Terracotta Roof Tiles last?

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How Long Do Terracotta Roof Tiles last?

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  1. How Long Do Terracotta Roof Tiles last? Roofs are one of the most significant aspects of your home’s exteriors. It keeps you and your family safe during bad weather and other external extremities. Also, it adds value to the looks of the structure. This is why it is necessary to ensure that your roofs remain in a good state. It becomes crucial to choose a long-lasting roof and ensures safety by adding to the house’s aesthetics. The terracotta roof is one of the finest roofing materials which is durable and stable. The roof restoration experts recommend terracotta roofs to homes which it best suits on.

  2. What is Terracotta? It’s relatively easy to recognise terracotta roof tiles and sculptures by their iconic brown-orange hue. It’s very common to find such roofing tiles in Australia. It is popular for its simplicity and affordability compared to other roofing options. It is a preferred roofing material due to its insulating properties. It has a high thermal mass which makes it ideal for enduring the harsh Australian weather. The manufacturing process of terracotta involves heating the clay at around 1000 ℃. At this temperature, the iron particles in the clay react with oxygen to bring out the reddish colour. The word “terracotta” is an Italian word which means “baked earth”. Does a Roof Restoration Increase the Lifespan of Terracotta Roof Tiles? Although terracotta is amongst the long-lasting roofing material in the market, it still needs maintenance. Over time, due to constant exposure, the roof tiles may get cracked and chipped. Roof restoration and repairs through professionals will help extend the lifespan of your terracotta roof.

  3. Here, we have listed out some of the important restoration efforts that need to be taken to maintain your terracotta roof. Remove Broken Tiles: Often, after a storm, the roof tiles get blown away or get cracked. These missing or broken tiles need to be replaced to restore the strength of the roof and avoid penetration of water or rodents within the house. You cannot avoid natural calamities, but you must take some steps to ensure the safety of your roof. Trimming of overhead branches of trees will ensure that your roofs are safe. They tend to bang on the surface of the roof and crack or break the roof tiles. Moss Removal: One weakness of terracotta roofing tiles is that it tends to attract moss growth. As moss accumulates, it diminishes the appeal of your roof and also inhibits water leaks. If you hire roof repairs in Melbourne professionals, they will include moss removal along with anti-fungal treatment. They ensure every single tile of your roof is moss free. Ridge Capping and Valley Iron Repairs: Ridge capping and valley irons are one of the most overlooked aspects of maintenance. These are junctions where the valleys and flashings seal the two surfaces of the roof. They aren’t constructed of terracotta for obvious reasons. Thus, they don’t have a similar life span and need attention regularly. During the roof restoration process, our experts check the valley junctures for moisture, rust or other culprits of deterioration. We take the necessary steps to ensure your roofs stay in good shape for a long period. Original Source: