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Cloud Computing

The following PPT discusses the major features of cloud computing and its advantages.

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Cloud Computing

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  1. Cloud Computing What's all the excitement about?...

  2. Cloud computing is the delivery of various online services (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and online storage facility (Google Drive, iCloud) for end users.

  3. There are mainly three types of Cloud Computing: • --> Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). E.g. Amazon CloudFormation • --> Platform as a Service (PaaS). E.g. Microsoft Azure • --> Software as a Service (SaaS). E.g. Google Apps

  4. Storage capacity and data distribution is always an issue for individual users and IT firms, and Cloud is the ideal solution to that problem. • Huge storage space at affordable price. For 50GB storage, iCloud charges $8.33, for 100GB, Google Drive charges $4.99 and for 52GB space SkyDrive charges $2.08. • Users can share the data with anyone and everyone by providing their email address. • There is no need to carry a laptop or portable hard drive for business meetings. Just sign in to your account from computer, smartphone or tablet and all the spreadsheets, data charts will appear. • Less chances of accidental data loss. Once all your computer data is stored in cloud, formatting hard drive won’t be an issue. • Computers often get affected by viruses and malware, but chance of a virus attack in Google Drive or iCloud is extremely rare.

  5. Cloud Computing also provides multiple device data syncing facility. For instance, someone using Google Drive from his computer with an installed Google Drive app in his Android phone, can adds or edits a document in Drive and have the changes updated in the mobile simultaneously.

  6. Cloud Computing offers endless possibilities and helps people store and share data conveniently. If you are using a Cloud Computing service, there is no need to carry your data around, because it glides with you!

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