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  1. Peter Thomas with Anthea Turner from BBC’S Perfect – CarpetCare UK

  2. • This video will show you how to pick a reputable carpet cleaning company, this is going to save you a lot time. • For you the consumer it is a difficult thing to know what exactly you should be asking a carpet cleaning company or individual, before you invite him or her into your home. • One of the first things you should ask is are they or the person coming to do the cleaning fully trained, if so can they prove it by certificates. • This is good for you the consumer because you can then ring the association and ask if this is true. • For a free carpet inspection call 0800 612 8826

  3. • The recognized bodies I refer to are the National Carpet Cleaners Association or the NCCA for short or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC for short. They may even be a member of the Alltec Select Team. • You can also ask what method of cleaning do they use. Any one who has been trained in carpet or upholstery cleaning will know how to answer you. • They should mention things like Hot Water extraction or steam cleaning as it is also known or dry compound cleaning and bonnet cleaning among others. • For a free carpet inspection call 0800 612 8826

  4. • Before they can answer that question they would need to know what type of carpeting you have, because different carpeting requires different cleaning. • Ask them how they clean the carpet, in this example I am referring to a woollen carpet. • They should say the first thing we do is to Hoover your carpet then we apply a Pre- spray to the carpet this helps to treat any stains and also conditions the carpet. That should then be agitated into the carpet using a brush or something similar • For a free carpet inspection call 0800 612 8826

  5. • Again any one who is full trained in carpet or upholstery, rug cleaning will be extremely familiar with this method its something we do as standard all the time here at my company with no exceptions. • Call us now for a free carpet or upholstery inspection, we also clean rugs. • Call us now for a complimentary free room of carpet cleaning, we are proud to show you how well we clean carpets. We specialise in making old carpets look like new! • For a free carpet inspection call 0800 612 8826