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  1. Overview The Gracie Center • What is The Gracie Center? • Is The Gracie Center a not-for-profit? • Where will The Gracie Center get its funding from? • How soon will The Gracie Center be open? • What is The Gracie Center doing now?

  2. What is The Gracie Center? Every business begins with a dream and The Gracie Center is no different.  It was born of a conversation ‘upon a midnight clear’ at a family Christmas dinner.  A mom of an exceptional child, soon to be entering young adulthood, was asked “What happens after high school?” The mom answered with her dream for the child’s future… a place that would enable her child to continue to do what she loved most.  She dreamed of a place where her child could safely continue developing her independence, building her skills, and creating opportunities, friendships, and partnerships within her community. Her dream led to the creation of a place where her daughter Grace and other exceptional people could continue to learn and grow; a place befittingly named The Gracie Center.

  3. What is The Gracie Center? • Description - The Gracie Center will serve consumers between the ages of 21 and 60 who are developmentally disabled and provide life skill courses, vocational training, and social opportunities to develop consumers’ ability to function more independently and to improve their quality of life.

  4. What is The Gracie Center? • Goals For Our Consumers • Increasing Independence: • Social opportunities, vocational opportunities, responsibility, and individualized goals • Skill Building: • Perpetual learning, life applicable skills, and individualized for success • Contributing to Community: • Building partnerships, building friendships, volunteer opportunities, and benefits for local businesses

  5. What is The Gracie Center? Board of Directors • 7 members • Responsible for the development of The Gracie Center pre-opening • Unpaid volunteers • Loved ones of developmentally disabled individuals, special education teachers, members of our communities Current Board Members • Kara Atwater, Chair • Deanna Thornton, Co-Chair • Brooke Dowty, Secretary • Mike Franckowiak, Treasurer • Julie Craig, Member • Gina Kelm, Member • Kerrie Ryan, Member

  6. What is The Gracie Center? • Courses -- Art • Examples: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and music • Scheduling • Examples: appointment setting, event scheduling and etiquette, time management, and telephone or communication management

  7. What is The Gracie Center? • Courses Continued • Kitchen Basics and Food Prep • Examples: food safety, terminology, kitchen safety, etiquette, table setting, nutrition, basic fundamental cooking techniques, meal preparation, and menu planning - Home Care • Examples: laundering, ironing, cleaning and using cleaning products, gardening, getting help with repairs, and basic knowledge of home items and locations

  8. What is The Gracie Center? • Courses Continued • PersonalCare • Examples: selecting clothes, hair, face, and skin hygiene and care, dental care, bathing/hand washing, foot care, body odor, hygiene while traveling, and toilet use • Physical Fitness • Examples: maintaining a healthy lifestyle, achieving a healthy body composition, exercise safety, goal setting, activity selection, progress monitoring tools, equipment and apparel, and team building skills.

  9. What is The Gracie Center? • Courses Continued • Recreation Time • Examples: determined by the interests of each consumer and their mood that day • Vocational Training • Examples: identify strengths and interests in vocational areas and create a plan to develop and improve their work-related skills so they can be successful on the job

  10. What is The Gracie Center? • Personal Growth Plans for every consumer • Flexible services • 5:1 Consumer to Instructor/Paraprofessional ratio • Year round programing on a trimester basis • Community trips to reinforce course topics and lessons • Transportation provided • Proposed hours of operation: 7am-5:30pm • Proposed locations include Genoa, Sycamore and DeKalb

  11. Not-For-Profit? • We are NOT tax exempt at the moment.... However, we are in the process of applying. • What not-for-profit status means for The Gracie Center: • Tax Exemption • Grants • Tax Exempt Donations

  12. Where will funding come from? • Fee Based Services • Trimester-Based Tuition • Local Government Grants • DeKalb County Mental Health Board • $2 million in grants last year • All local agencies • Foundation Grants • DeKalb County Community Foundation ($138K –Spring) • PepsiCo Foundation ($100K ea) • Fundraising • Annual Bunco Night • Bowling at Mardi Gras • Private Donations

  13. Where will funding come from?

  14. How soon until opening? • Our ambitious goal: early 2013. • Our realistic goal: 2013. 2013

  15. What’s going on now? • Event Planning • Genoa Days Booth & Parade – June 13-16 (Genoa) • Community Focus Meeting – June 21 (DeKalb) • BAGO Bash & Family Fun Night – August 5 (Davis Junction) • Bowling at Mardi Gras – November 11 (DeKalb) • Annual Bunco Night at the Stratford – February 28 (Sycamore) • Pre-Operation Details • Filing for 501c3 status as a Not-for-profit organization with the IRS • Touring possible building locations • Developing our service programs • Connecting with our community

  16. The Gracie Center’s 1st Annual Bunco Night at the Stratford Please feel free to talk to any of our Board Members at this booth about any questions you might have.