ways to prevent electrical hazards by quick electric service phoenix n.
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Control Measures for Electrical Hazards PowerPoint Presentation
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Control Measures for Electrical Hazards

Control Measures for Electrical Hazards

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Control Measures for Electrical Hazards

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  1. ways to prevent electrical hazards BY Quick Electric Service Phoenix

  2. Electrical hazards, especially people falling victim to electrical shocks are quite unpredictable and unfortunate too. After such mishaps, you often feel too bewildered as to why such happened but have you ever wondered that such cases could take place just because of your careless maintenance without the help of an expert electrician? You should make sure that the electrical plugs are not charred at the end, outlets that are on should be switched off when not in use and cords are in proper shape, i.e. not twisted or cracked.

  3. How to Maintain Cords, Plugs, and Outlets • Check whether all the outlets are snugly fit on the wall and if any loose plugs or switchboards is exposing the electrical wiring through the wall, ask a commercial electrician who can inspect, repair or replace them accordingly. • Get protective covers for outlets if they are not in use –this is helpful especially when you have toddlers at home whose fingers are narrow enough to enter the outlets. • Quite a common preventive measure, you should deter from removing, bending or twisting any prong on the plug to make it fit for the outlet. • While using extension cords, make sure that they have safety closure and do not make any charring sound while you plug in the cord. Avoid overusing them as a permanent solution as that can often cause the internal cord to overheat and melt, thereby causing a serious electrical fire at any moment. • While utilizing the electrical supply, make sure that the electrician repairs any wire with a frayed body and keep them tucked away from water sources, carpets, synthetic fabric, furniture or other inflammable material.

  4. Maintenance of Electrical Wiring • If you live or work in an old building, faulty and outdated wiring can be a potential cause of the electrical fire. Call a licensed electrician like Quick Electrician Phoenix and hire their electrical repair services in Phoenix AZwhen you observe any alarming sign like overheated wires, fuse boxes and light switches, plugs sparking or creating hissing, cracking and buzzing sounds in contact with outlets, flickering light sources with the operation of certain high voltage devices and circuit breakers or fuses tripping often. • Get the electrician to check whether the fuses and circuit breakers are working properly, whether there are any loose wire and lighting fixture etc. • If it has been years since the last wiring, ask the electrician to check the electrical supply and update or change the existing wiring. The smoke alarm should be changed in 10 years of interval.

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