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Selenium Overview By QuontraSolutions

Selenium test is a tool that tests the web applications. It runs in any browser and supports many languages. It helps to record the test for the application. This automated testing with Selenium is becoming more popular among the developers. This article would review the basic advantages and disadvantages of using this for testing web applications.

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Selenium Overview By QuontraSolutions

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  1. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk Selenium-Testing Tool Contact:+44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  2. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk What is Selenium? • Selenium is a robust set of tools that supports rapid development • of test automation for web-based applications. • Works anywhere JavaScript is supported • Hooks for many other languages - Java, Ruby, Python • Can simulate a user navigating through pages and then assert for • specific marks on the pages • All you need to really know is HTML to start using it right away Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  3. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk FEATURES OF SELENIUM • Selenium is a Functional Automation tool for Web applications. • Selenium is an open source tool (No cost Involved in it). • Selenium supports the languages like HTML, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, • Ruby and C#. • It supports the browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google • Chrome and Opera. • It supports the operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. • It is very flexible when compared to QTP and other functional tools, • because it supports multiple languages. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  4. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk Where to get it? • You can use Selenium-Core and customize everything – deprecated. • But it is easier to just get a Firefox plug-in “Selenium-IDE” • that helps you “record” test Cases. • You can record how an app is being used and then playback those • recordings followed by asserts. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  5. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk COMPONETS OF SELENIUM Selenium is mainly built on 3 components. 1. Selenium IDE 2. Selenium RC 3. Selenium Grid Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  6. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk SELENIUM IDE • IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. • Which is used for Record and Play back the scripts. • It is an Add on for Mozilla Firefox, which means we can download the • Selenium IDE from Mozilla Firefox and we can Record and Run the • scripts in Mozilla Firefox only. • Selenium IDE is accountable for user actions. • We can Run the Recorded scripts against other browsers by using • Selenium RC. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  7. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk SELENIUM RC • RC stands for Remote Control. • It is a Server and launches the Browser. • It acts as a API and Library of Selenium. • We need to configure the Selenium RC with the supported • language, then we can automate the application. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  8. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk SELENIUM GRID • Selenium Grid is used for launching the multiple browsers • with supported operating system in parallel. • We can run the scripts on different browsers in parallel. • It allows you to easily run multiple tests in parallel, on • multiple machines, in a heterogeneous environment. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  9. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk TESTING WITH SELENIUM • We can perform Regression testing with selenium by writing • Reusable Scripts in the form of Functions or Methods. • We can perform Retesting with looping concepts. • We can validate the application by using conditional statements. • We can perform Database testing. • Reporting of the test results. • Error handling, particularly unexpected errors. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

  10. info@quontrasolutions.co.uk Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 www.quontrasolutions.co.uk

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