dissemination valorisation plan and activities n.
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Dissemination / valorisation plan and activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Dissemination / valorisation plan and activities

Dissemination / valorisation plan and activities

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Dissemination / valorisation plan and activities

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  1. Dissemination / valorisationplan and activities Presented by Dr shyampatiar

  2. introduction “Valorisation” can be described as a process of exploiting project learning and outcomes (training products and processes, methodology, course materials etc.) with a view to optimising their value and impact in existing and new contexts (target groups, companies, sectors, training institutions and systems etc). To be effective, the process requires:

  3. A focus on end user / target group needs from project inception; • Dissemination of innovative training products and results; • Selection and analysis of their suitability for transfer to meet identified new needs; • Translation and adaption to targeted new contexts; • Piloting and experimentation; • Leading to full integration into the new context. This process can take place at the micro project level or on a macro level, with the aim of achieving full and sustainable integration into local, regional, national and / or European training systems and practices, including through formal certification of qualifications.

  4. SSA-TC Website The website will be hosted and maintained even after the funding period has ended. • Presentation of project and associated partners • Download forum with all learning material and results • Link forum to all partners as well as the relevant bodies, organisations and main stakeholders • Newsletter registration • Website will be in English language • Access to learning platform

  5. SSA-TC Newsletter The newsletter will be regularly produced informing about aims objectives of the project as well as all the developments and results. The newsletters will be sent to all the partners and associated organisations for dissemination within their own network. It will also be distributed to the organisations through the SSA-TC email pool.

  6. SSA-TC flyers and posters The project flyers and posters will be produced containing all the key information related to the project, its aims, objectives and outcomes, additionally, partners contact details and addresses will be communicated. The flyers and posters will be distributed to organisations, stakeholders and bodies relevant to the projects topic. This will also support the dissemination and awareness raising activities.

  7. Final conference In wales, uk The final outcomes and results will be presented and disseminated by UK GLLM (Partner 1) at the final conference in the UK organised by the project co-ordinator itself in conjunction with the final project meeting. Two other conferences will be visited by UK GLLM (Partner 1) in Slovenia and Germany during 2013 and 2014 respectively which will be very much related to tourism and catering and also to on-line distance learning.

  8. Email pool Each partner will select at least 10 national organisations and / or experts relevant to the project topic and stakeholders. UK GLLM (Partner 1) will collect all the data and email addresses to one email pool, through this organisations / experts UK GLLM (Partner 1) will regularly inform them about the latest developments and achievements of the project (at least 10 email addresses / country, approximately 100 contacts in total).

  9. You tube blog UK GLLM (Partner 1) will create a blog on You Tube on which the project, its developments and outcomes can be followed. There will be a special dedicated screen cast to display the basic structure and content of this project concept and the whole qualification can be seen and downloaded. Through this blog, the project partners can directly communicate with anybody interested in this project and it products.

  10. Other valorisation activities • Media Releases in the National Newspapers and Professional Magazines. • Project Meetings in Partner Countries such as Finland, Croatia, Germany and UK. (local newspapers / broadcasts)

  11. Impact strategy • Awareness of SSA-TC project amongst interested stakeholders and potential learners. • Ensuring that the organisations involved in accrediting qualifications, delivering Initial and Continuous Vocational Education and Training are aware of new curriculum developments. • Ascertaining that wider communities associated with the need of skilled staff for tourism and catering industry is aware of this project. • Adding credibility to the NEW qualification and ensuring an easy access for learners to achieve this qualification.

  12. THANK YOU For your attention